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i also take milk thistle for my liver, its meant to be one of the best supplements for it, i can tell u from word of my doc my liver is in good health
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This is such good news! I, too, hope this is the last time you ever have to go through this. Stay with us on the sober side for good.
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Thank You to everyone. I'm gonna succeed this time. I can feel it.
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Originally Posted by whathaveidone84 View Post
i also take milk thistle for my liver, its meant to be one of the best supplements for it, i can tell u from word of my doc my liver is in good health
I second the milk thistle vendetta--it won't hurt, and it seemed to really help me during my detox and recovery.

I ate quality whole food and slept a lot--I didn't let myself get too stressed,and I took lots of hots showers.
I changed sheets frequently when having night sweats
and drank gallons of herbal tea.
Sounds kind of new age but really worked wonder for rehydration and trace minerals.

All that did improve my recovery.
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Glad to see you back with a plan.

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I'm on day 1 too. Congrats on making the decision to stop. I'm struggling! But we can do it. Hang in there
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Vendetta I'm really glad that you are going to give recovery a serious go. That said I'd like to make a suggestion.

You said (edited by me) ....
Originally Posted by vendetta View Post
Hopefully that will help to not buy alcohol. If i make it home without beer then I will be good for the evening.

I am no longer going to go to my regular place to buy beer to buy anything. Just gonna stay away and break that habit.
I remember one time an SR member wrote a great post about how so many of us rotated bottle shops so the staff in each shop wouldn't recognise how much we drank. So many of us posted on that thread saying yes we too had done that, little realising that people knew we drank too much, it was a futile exercise.

One of the members of our March 2013 class used to live above a bottle shop., she said that it was impossible for her to walk past that bottle shop without buying. She had a custom that she would buy "only" six bottles at a time so the staff wouldn't know how much she drank. What she never quite answered was why the staff would think that when she was there so often.

She wouldn't move for a variety of reasons and there were very few times she could walk past that bottle shop.

At one point we begged her to go in when she was sober and instruct them not to serve her no matter what she said or how she pleaded.

She was too embarrassed to do this. I hope you can do it Vendetta, I hope you can do it and I hope you will do it. I hope you'll go into all the bottle shops you frequent and tell them to never serve you again.

It is embarrassing but it means a real chance at the life you want.

Our classmate didn't get that chance because now she's dead. Dead from alcohol at 42.
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