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Hey Carrie, try sipping on room temperature water instead, it will hydrate you faster. Save the ice cubes for when you are craving something special to drink, a nice sparkling water with lime and ice is very satisfying.
I am glad to hear you made it into work. The end of the day will be here before you know it and you can head back home for some more self-care. Have another bath tonight and get to bed early. This too shall pass.
Get working on a plan though, you definitely don't want to be here again do you?
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"Wishing and dreaming won't turn the trick / if the lessons you learn each day don't stick."

If you want to stop drinking, stop saying yes to the first drink. Make a plan that includes the absolute refusal to drink, a support group to help you in that determination when the AV gets loud, contingencies for special occasions that might test your will, and a way to come to grips with the deeper reasons for your addiction.

I'm new to recovery, but this is what is getting me through.

Good luck, Carrie. Come here and we'll all share our experiences. You don't have to be alone.
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I really feel for you. Just know its within you grasp to turn things around. Lots of us have had similar experiences and I don't want to speak for everyone but I am sure we believe in you and will help however we can. Sending you the best.
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