New to this site, Not to Recovery and Relapse

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New to this site, Not to Recovery and Relapse

I went through my first inpatient program at 17, I am 50 now so it has been a back and forth of years sober and then relapse and jail or voluntary and mandated programs over these many years.

Seems I should know better, as with each return to alcohol it only ends worse. This time it was a hit and run, dui 2, and refusal. I am still in the court process but have voluntarily enrolled in the asap program and weekly groups as part of that before any conviction.

So I have 25 days as of now and all that goes with that, insomnia etc.

My past behavior while drinking has led to me being banned at other non substance abuse related forums so I lost the community of a few friends that I could talk to and who knew of my past.

I am also transitioning off klonopin to a non benzo for anxiety with medical supervision so I am going through that weirdness.

I am almost chain smoking now, but one thing at a time. I will go back on ecigs here soon.

Thanks, bout all I feel like saying now.
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Do your best
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Welcome to SR
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Welcome to the Forum Blacky!!
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Welcome Blacky
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Welcome, Blacky!

I'm glad you are being proactive and good for you with 25 days sober! Hopefully, this time will be the last.
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bona fido dog-lover
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Welcome to the family. Lots of wisdom here. I hope the support can help you stay sober for good.
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Well my m.o. is to quit for a year or more after some sort incident and then start up again. The common denominator is I am the hard headed " I can do this on my own " sort, Which is obviously not the case for more than a few years at a time.

So to break this cycle I am going to have to become open and honest with other people and seek guidance and support along the way.

Thanks all for the welcome.
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Hillbilly Girl
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Glad you are here Blacky....much support & encouragement here. Nice going on 25 days!
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Glad to have you here Blacky
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Welcome Blacky
I was almost 50 before I managed to quit too.
You can do it if your ready, and it sounds like you might be.

I had a long road to be sure before I was too
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Good to have you with us Blacky
I'm the hard head type too but eventually even I had to concede that alcohol and I were terrible together.

Life's really improved since then and I've never looked back

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