Just saying hi

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I need all the help I can get
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Just saying hi

Its my first day here.

I just wanted to say hi to everyone. These forums look extremely promising and im so glad I found you guys. I think this is just what i need to kick my acoholism.

I decided to finally really go sober on new years day 2016 and actually made it 2 weeks before messing up again last night and drinking a few beers. Its probably been a decade for me going even half that amount of time.

I really feel this is my time and I wanna thank you all ahead of time for your support.

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Welcome to SR. You will find lots of information and support here. Stick around.
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I quit in August of 2010 after drinking 35 years. Two weeks later I relapsed. Found my way to Sober Recovery and have been sober ever since.

Wishing you the same.
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Hiya, James, and welcome.

The desire to quit is second in importance only behind the need to admit one's addiction, in my opinion. You've already started the journey, see it through to the end.
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Welcome, I am new here too (11 days sober). I could not have done it without this place and the sober friends I have made here. If you feel the urge to drink, come here first and post a thread. Look forward to getting to know you!
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Do your best
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Welcome Soberinok
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Hi I am 14 days sober and have found it hard this last couple of days so I get where you are at, but being on here has definitely helped me, when I am feeling low or craving I jump on here and read others stories and ask for help, it helps and I hope it helps you too, stick with it you are in good company.
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Hi, Sober. I'm sober 7 days and loving it. I joined a few weeks before I quit. The support here and camaraderie are very helpful in the early days of sobriety when we're trying to figure it all out and avoid relapsing.

Good luck to you and keep posting!
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Welcome to the Forum James!!
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Welcome James!!!
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Welcome to the family. I hope our support can help you get sober for good.
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James, you can do this!
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I need all the help I can get
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Thank you all for your kindness. You definately know how to make someone feel like a believer in this!
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Good to see you here James.

I'm on day 15 and going it alone with no local help and have found this site extremely helpful.
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welcome to SR James
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