My First Dream (Long, Vivid, Hilarious)

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You can have reasons, or you can have results, but you can't have both.
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My First Dream (Long, Vivid, Hilarious)

I woke from this dream a little after 3 am and have not been able to return to sleep so I thought sharing it might help.

I was with my dog in a cozy, well-appointed library in someone's home. Plush carpeting, leather chairs, and many rare books. In the corner, there was a machine labeled "Smoothies." It had a barrel-sized container for preparing the "smoothies," and a huge assortment of nozzles, scoops, pouring spouts, and agitating devices.

As I was admiring and enjoying the library, the device asked in a mechanical voice, "Shall I make you a smoothie?" Without waiting for my response, it began pouring ingredients into the container. It produced and added several mags of vodka ranging in quality from Ketel One to Barton's, countless bottles of beer, about 10 bottles of assorted red wines, many scoops of ground coffee, about 6 gallons of milk and a single stalk of celery.

Then, it began agitating, shaking the container the way a bartender shakes a cocktail tin. It shook faster and faster. I could tell it was shaking way too fast, so I began frantically pressing buttons on the machine: Stop. Pause. Reset. No luck.

Smoke and sparks started coming from the machine, so I went to the door to leave the room but found the door was locked. I pounded on the door, shouting "Steve! Steve! Help me!" (I don't know anybody named Steve.)

The machine exploded with a violent force that knocked me over along with lamps and smaller pieces of furniture. I was soaked, my dog was soaked, and all the furniture and books were drenched.

As I was getting to my feet, I heard the machine again: "Shall I make you a smoothie?" This time I shouted, "No! No!" I banged on the door, calling for Steve as the contraption agitated faster and faster.

I ran over to the machine and tried to pull the power cord but it was permanently affixed to its outlet. I braced myself against the wall, pulled with all my might, and the plug came out and the machine stopped. I was relieved, but realized I was still in a locked room with no way out.
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You can have reasons, or you can have results, but you can't have both.
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LOL, I just noticed that the "smoothie" represents everything I've drank or continue to drink: I started with beer, graduated to red wine, and then to vodka. I recently tried a Bloody Mary, and the best part about the drink was the piece of celery. And coffee and milk are my only nonalcoholic beverages.

Too funny!
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Dreams early on can be quite the roller coaster and very vivid!!
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Thanks for sharing, I needed a good laugh! Lol! I really cracked up when you were calling for Steve.
I have very vivid dreams when I am sober also.
Very interesting that the dream featured all of the alcohol you used to drink. The mind is quite mysterious.
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