4 Weeks

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4 Weeks

Today marks one month sober for me. That seemed like such a long ways away at the beginning. I made it through the neighborhood holiday party last night which was a tough one since EVERYONE else was drinking.

I have started to tell a select few friends and everyone has been very supportive....outside of the one acquaintance that said " well what's the fun in that?" whatever.

Going to keep a low profile through the new year, have a counselling session set up for 1/8, and focusing on getting back in shape.

We can do this!
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Way to go Iron!
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Nice one IP good to hear that you're still doing well.

You did well to go to the party - that's something that's had to be avoided for me upto now, quiet Christmas / New Year on the cards for me too.

Have a good one :-)
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Do your best
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Way to go on your first month Iron amazing job
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Congratulations on your month sober. And, it sounds like you have a solid plan.
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bona fido dog-lover
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Congrats on the first of many sober months!
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Great job! Big congratulations on one month! Sounds like you have the rest of the year planned out well.
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You're not shackled to not drinking, you're free from drinking
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Congrats, IronPhoenix! Way to go.
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Fantastic IronPhoenix!!
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Congratulations IronPhoenix that's great!
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Congrats, IronPheonix. That is awesome!
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4 wks. - how wonderful, IP. We're so proud of you.
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Congrats on 4 weeks

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Keep up the good work!
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WTG, IronPhoenix!
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Keep at it, "one day at a time" and the days really start to add up.
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