Trip to the store made me reflect

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Trip to the store made me reflect

As I was sitting on my couch in my post-breakfast coma, I decided I needed some motivation to get off my butt and get my gifts wrapped. So, I decided to head to the grocery store to pick up some bottles of sparkling water and fruit to make my usual infused beverage of limes, lemons and orange slices. While in the checkout lane, the gentleman in front of me had three bottles of wine, a handle of vodka, a 2-liter of sprite, potato chips and some other junk food items. He was very fidgety and seemed under duress to an extent. He clearly just wanted to get out of there. He also looked like he hadn't showered in at least a day.

Then it occurred to me... this used to be me. I looked down at my cart full of water and fruit and was never more thankful for where I am now versus where I was not long ago. It was a strong reminder how important my sobriety really is.
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Yes indeed! Thanks for this great post. Lets not go back there.
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Oh I love sparkling water!

Alcohol is not only detrimental to your health, freedom, but also a big money suck.
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Do your best
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Awesome reflection
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Not only is that a great reminder... I think I might buy some citrus fruit to add to my fizzy water... sounds lovely! And now I have more time to make that kind of thing... thanks!
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Oh man i've been there before... Poor guy.
Great reflection Zeldafan, thanks
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A stark reminder of where we never want to go again . . . .
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Sean30, I felt so bad for him. Just knowing he probably felt trapped and was full of despair. Others were probably giving him nasty looks as he shopped and all I could do was try not to cry for the guy having been there before.

enfinthechange, I highly recommend trying adding some fruit to your fizzy water. I have a separate seal-able pitcher that I put the fruit in and then add the water to that so it has time to really soak in and add flavor. Yum!
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Thank you for sharing that. I was that man too. A handle of Titos vodka every week or so. If I had wine, they would have been for somebody else. Wine tore me up pretty good. I'd have cranberry and red bull in my hand instead. Could have been any time of day too.

As you described him, I literally saw myself. Shaggy / rough looking. I was good for skipping showers for a couple days.

Glad that wasn't me in front of you.
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I was at the store at 8 a.m the other day buying beer and the cashier just looks at me kind of sad and says "Good morning". I hate being that guy.
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Originally Posted by Grendhar View Post
I was at the store at 8 a.m the other day buying beer and the cashier just looks at me kind of sad and says "Good morning". I hate being that guy.
Yep, I used to hit the liquor store down the street at 7 AM right when they opened and the lady behind the counter would always say "Good morning sweetie" in a sad kinda voice. She knew I wasn't there for fun. I was there because I was desperate.
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A Day at a Time
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I frequent a small store where I used to buy my booze (I know bad idea but I was 3 years sober before I started shopping there again) Anyway the place sells primarily alcohol. It seems that every time I go there someone is ahead of me that fits your description. 9:00 AM and they are buying booze. I just shake my head and pray that some day they will find their way out of the hell we have all experienced.

There but by the grace of God, go I
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This thread brought back a lot of memories. Such a dark, hopeless place to be. Makes me think of all the people out there that are hurting. Feel real sorry for that guy. So sad. John
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I saw a guy buying a 6 pack of beer last week at 8:00 a.m., it brought back memories. I'm glad I'm not that guy anymore.
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I've been thinking a lot lately of my early am wine runs to the store as well...6 am for me sometimes I'm at the bakery at 5:30 for coffee!!
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now's the time
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There's a beautiful short story by Lucia Berlin about what it's like to begin going into withdrawal in the middle of the night, waiting for the stores to open again. I'll have to find the name; unfortunately I don't think the full story is online. But reading that helps me remember how dark and frightening that time is. Hating yourself but knowing you're in danger.
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Lucia Berlin's story looks like an amazing read. I'm going to download it. Thank you.
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