My Pink Cloud has arrived!

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My Pink Cloud has arrived!

I'm super surprised how quickly my pink cloud showed up...I'm only on day 5. Maybe it's because I choose the path of sobriety this time rather than just not drinking....I knew simply stopping wouldn't work...30 yrs of experience with that!
My fear about the suddeness of my pink cloud is that SHE (the addict that stalks my brain), that SHE is tricking me...SHE wants me to get comfortable.....SHE'S quite tricky and doesn't care or the word 'No'......which makes me think maybe I don't tell myself 'No' to booze but 'Yes' to sobriety...that may trick her up for awhile....and keep me clean for another day.
Anyways....DAY FIVE! And having some sorta euphoric experience today....I believe some people call it 'happiness'....had quite a few....actually A LOT of moments today of acceptance and willingness and eagerness and relief and optimism and best of all HOPE!
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Enjoy it while it lasts but be prepared for when it disappears again. Emotions can be all over the map in early recovery.
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Just be ready when it goes away. It's hard. Day 4 here and my pink clouds come and go.

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What's a pink cloud?
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Originally Posted by Clarebear13 View Post
What's a pink cloud?
It's a feeling of euphoria after a time of sobriety. I felt that for a teeny while before it packed up and left! Still much happier being sober but wouldn't mind a revisit from the cloud; )
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Ah! I felt hyper for a while after I stopped drinking... Maybe that was it
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Enjoy your happiness
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