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Sobriety is Wonderful

The many gifts sobriety has given me. I never planned on getting sober, however, scared of withdrawal and out of cash I decided to go to rehab. I couldn't afford both my addictions financially. Almost 26 months later here I am, sober. I couldn't help but feel so grateful to have made it out of my addiction alive. I understand that my hard work on my recovery must continue for my life time and that is just fine with me. The life that I live today is wonderful. It's important to look at the things we do have, not the things that we don't. I just thought of SR. These forums and meetings give me support because I know I don't have to go through this alone. People have said to me "Wow, If you can do it anyone can". Yes they can! It all began with a realization that when it came to alcohol, I was powerless! I could not drink like a normal person and if I did I was going to lose. Here I am today, sober? Lol. What has happened to me? :-)

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Great job on 25+ months... Thanks for the inspiring post
Surrender to what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be. ❤️
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What a great post, thank you!
I'm so glad for you, enjoy your wonderful sober day.
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Almost 107 years sober
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Awesome job on 25+ months
Every soul is like a raindrop that falls from the sky into one vast ocean of consciousness. Most raindrops hit the surface and make a small ripple that fades away ... but some ripples become waves.

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Soberwolf found treatment at AA/Sober Recovery
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Thats brilliant!! I'm aiming for the same!!
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Thanks for posting this! I am behind you in terms of time but have already found the same, life is great sober.
Congratulations on your huge accomplishment!
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SoberLife you're an inspiration to us all. Your post gives me hope. Congrats on your success!
Pick up your true potential and put down the bottle....
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Awesome post, Soberlife! Fantastic on 25 months!
Kicked AL to the curb 11/9/2014 !
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congrats on 2+ years SoberLife
I will never drink again and I will never change my mind.
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Very inspiring - good job!
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Fantastic SoberLife!!
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Well said. . .and well done.
The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears, or the sea.
~ Isak Dinesen
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