30 Days!

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30 Days!

Very proud day for me, so here is another long one for you all:

I made it. I have gone almost a year before, but this time it is different. That year was all about white knuckling through my AV trying to get me to drink. That year was all about taking different roads home to avoid liquor stores. That year was all about living like a hermit to avoid gatherings where alcohol would be present. That year was quitting for all the wrong reasons. I was doing it for others, not myself. That year I always knew I was going to drink again. I had convinced myself that all I need to do was walk a way for a while, then ease myself back into drinking and do it moderately. YEAH RIGHT!

During these past 30 days, I only had cravings over the first 7. During these 30 days, I have evolved from someone who wants to drink, but can't, to someone who just doesn't drink. I laugh when I see all the advertisements on TV that are shoved down our throats during any and all sporting events. I have been able to have friends over on Sundays to watch football, and while they drink, it doesn't trigger anything in me at all. During these 30 days I have gone to dinner with friends and even my wife, and they drank, but I didn't. During these 30 days I haven't felt sorry for myself, I have felt proud. During these 30 days I haven't had to find something to do every moment so I could avoid falling into old habits. I am still doing the same things I always did, watch sports, hang out with the kids, do work around the house, but not one time did I feel it would be better with a beer in my hand.

I know there is a very long road still to travel, but instead of fearing the journey, I am excited for all the twists and turns that are ahead. For anyone who is worried that life sober is boring or intolerable, I can tell you life is what you make of it. I feel better than ever and my self esteem is through the roof. I walk around with my head held high, wishing people good day instead of lowering my eyes and looking at the ground out of shame.

Over these 30 days, I have really started to understand that alcohol is poison. I have gone 36 years on this Earth without ingesting any other form of poison, so why alcohol? Our body does not want it in there. It is up to us whether we give in to our addiction or not. No one can force you to drink and no one can stop you.

I am so thankful for the SR family and encourage anyone who is starting out to come here often. Read, post, whatever you feel will help. I love you all. God Bless!

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That is a fantastic story, thanks for sharing it and a very big congratulations on 30 days! You've made some amazing progress and it's an inspiration for all of us to see how you've done it.
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Ur so right, well done on having that settled mind over booze, that seems to b key in sobriety. Like u say, alcohol is poison & our body doesn't want it!
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Congratulations C23!!

I love your attitude.
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Congratulations C23

30 days is a fine achievement well done
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I couldn't have done it without the support of all of you!

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This was so awesome to read; Congrats on your 30 days!!!!!
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This is a pretty special place. We are so glad you've joined us. Thanks for a great post and congratulations on the first month of many.
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Congrats Chris

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That's so wonderful, C - 30 days is fabulous. Things will continue to get even better.
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Great work, C23! The shift from white knuckling to acceptance as a non-drinker can be oh-so-tough, but it sure feels nice to finally get there, doesn't it?
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Congratulations C23 -- well done!
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Congrats! We must have quit the same day. I'm 30 days today too. It's been a roller coaster but worth the ride so far.
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*****!! Great post!
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Superb post C23. A big step for me was when I have guys over and they can drink around me watching football and I don't feel tempted. And they don't pressure me either. We are all comfortable. I felt that was a good sign. Sounds like you are experiencing a new level of success. Congrats.
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Congratulations C23! That was a big difference for me as well, resolving to the commitment to never drink again, and to not see it as a punishment, but a reward! I'm 11 days behind you and we're gonna make it through. Well done!
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Congratulations Chris, 30 days is brilliant.
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