Jeni26 is 8 months sober

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Originally Posted by Jeni26 View Post
Oh wow, thanks everyone, I didn't expect this!

I'm very grateful to be happy and sober these days. A few good sober years, then a relapse that I didn't think I'd recover from....and now I'm right back on track.

I'm older and a heck of a lot wiser these days. I've learned the hard way that once we alcoholics cross that line into addiction we can't go back into normal drinking, and there is nothing in this world that can't be made worse by drinking over it.

I'm off out tonight to a big posh charity bash in London. It's a proper black tie and ball gown event and I'm so far out of my comfort zone that my heart is thumping and I feel physically sick with anxiety. Free food. Free drink.

The old Jen would be agonising over whether just one drink would help to settle the nerves. The new Jen just laughs and laughs at that drink??? Really?? When the hell did I ever do that.?

Enjoy your weekends my friends. Stay safe. Stay sober. Love and hugs to you all ❤️
If it all gets too much have an exit strategy/plan youl have us on your mobile have a wonderful night XO
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Congratulations Jeni!

8 months is terrific.
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Fantastic Jeni!!
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So proud of you, Jeni.
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pray for strength
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So happy for your soberness, Jeni! You are doing wonderfully. Have a great time at the black tie event tonight.
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Congratulations, Jeni!
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