Just taking a breath, just slowing it down...

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Just taking a breath, just slowing it down...

Life can be really full of to-do's
Overwhelming and pressured
Feeling like there's never enough time
Everywhere, something to 'fix'
Yet so many aren't 'fixable'

Just got back from my counselor
Reminded me that sometimes
All we need to do is slow it down
Just take a breath
Care for ourselves a little

A bit of quiet time
Let thoughts come, let them go
Allow feelings to Be
Release the judgements
Love ourselves just because we deserve Love

Then take it one thing at a time.

Life; it's got ups, it's got downs, happy and sad, fast and slow... but sometimes not quite enough of the kind of slow we need.

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Just what I needed. Although I try to avoid getting sick every fall/winter, I feel like I'm coming down with something and it is really slowing me down. I hve some Hw to so but it won't kill me to relax a little bit. As long as I don't drink or drug today everything will work itself out and be just fine.
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Thank you Owl! That was inspiring! I think I will slow down and take a nap. ;-) haha
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Do your best
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Good stuff FO things are so much better when calmness comes into play
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Definitely needing some quiet time away from work where I am being ground down at the moment
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Love this, FreeOwl.

Slow down; breathe; allow the feelings; release the judgments . . .
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Thx FO... You are a good writer!
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