And now for a little recovery humor...

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And now for a little recovery humor...


On the lighter side, I just have to share and laugh at myself over this;

I returned from a business trip this week and - en route to home in transit of another airport I realized I'd left about half of my clothes in the closets and drawers of the Hampton Inn, Austin Airport South.


Last year, I left my suits in a hotel in Chicago - on my way TO the client meetings....

In all the years I woke in a hungover, still-drunk flurry and whisked off to barely make flights.... in all the years I traveled almost-weekly... in all those drunken, blacked-out, how-did-I-even-get-HOME moments - never once did I forget my clothes in a hotel.

Now, in each of two years sober, I have left my clothes in a hotel somewhere..... hahaha.

I may be a bit of a scatterbrain in sobriety at times, but I can laugh at myself.

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Ack! Did you get your suits back last year?
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yep. It turns out, hotels are quite good at getting belongings back to you....

apparently, I'm not the first guy to forget stuff in his room.

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Do your best
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That was funny FO glad you got your clothes back
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Irony at it's finest, I'm never done forgetting where I left my keys, wallet etc

Though when I would pass out into bed after drinking without fail would always be in the same spot each morning!!
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Forgettaboutit when it came to all those chargers and adapters we left behind!!!! Can't even begin to calculate how many..........

My fave left behind thing - I worked catastrophies/insurance support for many years = hurricane.tornadoes,floods etc. A gent I worked with and I were in a large metro area on storm duty. He got called away to another city after a week or two, but would likely be coming back in a day or so. Instead of turning in his rental car he parked it in the garage at airport. Several weeks later Avis called asking where the car was????Forgetaboutit - he never returned to city he started in = $$$$$$ well struck!
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Yeah, I'm pretty absent-minded, always have been since I was a child. I just kinda float around with my head in the clouds. I hate it, but that's me. Haven't noticed any improvement in that area since I've been sober unfortunately
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Lol..that is funny. Thanks for sharing. And oh yeah...I know all too well that still drunk in the morning run to catch a flight or make it on time to a meeting. I did my heaviest drinking on the road.

I travelled for years. Spend over 100 night / year in hotels. I was always fighting the "I forgot something" thoughts. Mostly because I would forget something!

Never forgot to return a rental car though. Lol. That's a good one. I did have to run as fast as I could and just left the car in the return lane a few times. An agent would yell at me as they wanted to check gas, condition of car, etc. lol. Nope...gotta run dude!

Nothing better than smelling like an old whiskey bottle, no shower, head throbbing, and running with luggage. Good times.
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Great post! I'm a road warrior and did lots of drinking on the road. I would land in a city, pick up my car and then find the nearest grocery store and stock up on the appropriate number of wine bottles... one for each night. I also always had my traveling cork screw with me. Funny thing is I never left anything in hotel rooms. Who knows how I functioned back then.
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i used to travel a lot in my old job. i got drunk at the airport one afternoon and woke up the next morning to find that i had made it through boarding, my flight and the transfer to my hotel.

i had a client meeting set up to last the whole day. i must have reeked of booze. very, very glad not to wake up like that any more. the DANGER of it! gives me the horrors.
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