Ladybug77 & Huntingtontx

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Ladybug77 & Huntingtontx

I would like to thank these two remarkable women who chair our Tuesday and Friday Chat Meetings!

Thank you for showing up faithfully every week and donating your time to give our members a safe haven to share the triumphs and challenges of sobriety.

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A labor of love for our community. Thank you, Hunt and Lady!
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Do your best
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Thank you HuntingtonTX & Ladybug77 for the mtns for the best teleporters in the solar system lol

I rarely make them these days but I still think of you guys
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pray for strength
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One Day At A Time
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Yes, thank you Lady and Hunt!! Tuesdays and Fridays are my favorite nights of the week
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Thanks for all you do,

Lady and Hunt.

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Thank you Lady and Hunt, and thank you too, Opi!

You all do an amazing job at keeping Chat running smoothly and chairing the meetings.
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Lady , Hunt and Opi, you're all amazing!!
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I would like to encourage all members new and old to join us for our Meetings, Tuesdays and Fridays @9pm EST in the Chat Room.

You're not alone, we're all in this journey together.
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Do your best
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Il try and make it if your clocks havnt gone bk yet

Love to all 3 of you
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I love our meetings and I love being a part of SR. You all are more then welcome. I love you all.
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Thank you all for your kind words.

And thank you to the members who show up week after week to share their stories
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...holds the key
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Thanks ladybug and Huntington for all you do for our community!
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Community Greeter
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We appreciate you so much.
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Thank you for all that you do hunt and ladybug!!
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Thank you.
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Life Health Prosperity
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You ladies are just so Beautiful for what ya do in chat, thank you so much.
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Thank you, Opi, Ladybug and Hunt! Each of you make a huge contribution to our community.
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