So many new names on here to be proud of.

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So many new names on here to be proud of.

This place appeared in my life in March 2012,
Thank you .
To all new and new returners you can change your life.
Even just by looking at this site I feel buoyed up with the collective love and help this sanctuary gave/gives me.
I came here ill and very tired I'm now less tired and although I have the same problems , being sober has given me light and life and by no means last HOPE.
I promise this place I will be around more.
With kindest regards to you all.
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Hi John,

It's good to see you and I'm glad you are doing well.
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Great to see you, John. I was wondering how you were just the other day.
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Hi John, I feel the same way about this place. Glad to have you back!

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Hey my friend. Good to 'see' you 😊 xx
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Howdy! It's good to see you back again!
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Hi John
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Do your best
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Great post John
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Good to see you again John - welcome back

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Welcome back John. Great post!
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Thumbs up

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Welcome back John!!
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