Google mapping my way past cravings

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Google mapping my way past cravings

So i just zoomed in out of the sky to a tiny island called Madeira to the west of Portugal. It was a random pick.

I do that a lot.

I pressed down on a small road on the northeast side of the island and landed at street level. Not what I was expecting. I was in the middle of a long underground tunnel.

I zoomed past the cars, crossing dangerously to the wrong side of the road at one point, then came out into the light.

It was beautiful. High hills and colourful trees. A plateau rises high in the distance, towering over the surroundings.

A quaint petrol station lay on my right, a blue pick-up truck filling up with gasoline in this island paradise.

When I have a craving I fire up Google Maps on my tablet, climb into bed, browse around for a small island, zoom in, drop down to street view (just hold your finger on any road to lay a marker and click the street view link on the left) and take in a brand new place.

I can get absorbed in this. To see small places that I have never seen, did not even know existed - this gets me past cravings.

Try it. Choose your own place and get personal with it. Take in the detail. Come to know the small places of the world.
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Wow, thanks for such an unusual tip, will try it x
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I have never used it as a craving tool but i've definitely spent time getting lost in street view. Fun to look at places you've been and places you'd like to go.
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If its a tool add it to the toolbelt I've played around on streetview I was on it twice but they update it so the images were lost
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Hi, soberwolf.

I am new to this forum.

What is the tool belt, and how do I add to it?

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Welcome to the Forum Winthorpe!!
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Whatever works is a good thing! For me, for the first couple of weeks, it was crossword puzzles.
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lol. I wanna try this. Thanks for the tip!
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Thanks Win! What a great idea!
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