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Ronker 08-09-2015 05:18 PM

Still here
5 weeks now, not so hard, but I still have cravings, but if I do I take naltrexone if bad or camporal if mild, as I find the naltrexone works quicker n more direct.

GroundhogDay 08-09-2015 05:19 PM

Congrats on five weeks! :You_Rock_

Hypernova 08-09-2015 05:23 PM

5 Weeks is Awesome!

Ruby2 08-09-2015 05:23 PM

Congratulations on five weeks. That's great!

Ruby2 08-09-2015 05:25 PM

I was also going to ask what you are doing in addition to the naltrexone and campral? The cravings will lessen as time goes on but I've found they're still liable to pop up. It helps me to have support to talk to or text when that comes up.

Anna 08-09-2015 05:31 PM

Congratulations on 5 weeks sober!

Soberwolf 08-09-2015 11:49 PM

Great job on 5 weeks Ronka

Ronker 08-10-2015 03:11 PM

Thanks for all kind words of encouragement.

@Ruby2, thanks, not doing anything else, don't have any troubles during day, was never a day drinker cept ocassional party wedding etc.
I only get the cravings at night in my witching hour, 5pm onwards, but its not bad n getting better.
I got scripts for both the drugs, camparal is less side effects, and I took 3 times a day for a couple weeks, but stopped and just take when needed, but I find half a 50mg naltrexone hits the spot better.

I had to do something for the physical habit, so I now drink the soft drink lemon lime and bitters, ( I know the real one has tiny amount alcohol in angostura bitters but I get the supermarket stuff by Schweppes)
Its in a glass bottle so I can also take a couple with me to a bbq where others drinking and still walk around with my bottle in my hand saying cheers to friends etc.

Maybe this might help others.... substitute a soft drink. I don't drink many, one maybe 2 a night, they recap.


Dee74 08-10-2015 04:13 PM

Congrats on 5 weeks Ronker


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