raw emotions

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raw emotions

Hello friends, I'm feeling a bit raw today.

I recently started doing voluntary work in the finance department my local womens refuge.

It's been harrowing today- no other word for it. I guess less emotionally sensitive people wouldn't bat an eyelid at sorting through abused womens mail and trying to find safe forwarding addresses for it, but I crumbled today when I couldn't find a safe forwarding address for a child's immunisation appointment letter.

Maybe I'm too sensitive?

Anyway after having a little cry and reframing my thinking I realise that I might have saved someone a beating. By NOT forwarding their mail.

I am so ******* lucky that I live in an environment where I don't have to concern myself about potentially getting a good hiding because of a damn letter. And my kids are safe and immunised. And I have never had to 'Sofa surf'. I've never had 'no fixed address' nor am I currently in a place where I ever have to fear for my safety or the safety of my children.

Thank you God.

Just want to share with someone.

Love to all.
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Do your best
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Hang in there Mystified!!
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The local women's shelter is in my neighborhood and every time I drive past it I thank God I don't have to live there.
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Wow, thanks for sharing that today. Recognizing and being grateful for circumstances in our lives is huge.........many only think of what they don't have and not the other side of the coin.

Good for you!
Thanks for the post, glad you're on this journey with us
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I'd be feeling the same way, mystified. Bless you for your kindness and empathy.
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love is the answer
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Thank you everyone for your support and kind words.

It was just another one of those 'feeling feelings' moments. I'm learning that sitting with an unpleasant feeling is simply uncomfortable. It's not going to kill me. And I certainly don't have to drink over it.

I realise how blessed I am and that the work I'm doing at the refuge really does make a difference, no matter how small.

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It's a great thing you're doing, mystified. I'm kind of in awe of it actually. Most people look away but you have to face it. It hurts, but you do it anyway. You bear the pain that others avoid because the world needs people who will do it.

Hang in there, mystified!
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Your doing wonderful work and it's not small.
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Funny - I was reading a great article on emotional sobriety earlier which might be helpful...

I'd say that it was okay to feel like to did. There are people going through amazing hardships, and you are placing yourself in a position where you can see that, and can appreciate and feel gratitude for your own position. Your fleeting emotion was understandable. It does not define you or control you though. I'd say if you ride that emotion with acceptance of what it is and then move on from it, then it is neither positive or negative. It just 'is' (or 'was'). It's more the effort that we (or maybe just I) can sometimes put into fighting strong emotions or the effort of denying them, or getting wrapped up in analysing is what can blindside us / me from more positive or productive thoughts and be detrimental to serenity and sobriety.

Lol. Just reread my post and it seems a bit waffly / new-age. I won't delete it, because it is what I think. Feel free to ignore it though
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No no beccy, your post made perfect sense- to me at any rate.

And I just lost 30 minutes browsing the articles on that site after reading the link you posted. Thanks for that !
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