Day 10, what was I thinking?

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Day 10, what was I thinking?

So it's the end of day 10 and I have been upset all day and cannot for the life of me bring myself out of it.
I have been self medicating myself into good moods more on than off for years and what? Was I really expecting that after 10 days it would start happening on its own?? I'm not very bright sometimes.

It seems like all my filters are off and I'm speaking the truth as I see it no matter who I might upset. I pity the person who is actually rude to me! I just can't hold back. I work in management under a corporation that has all of its employees so over stressed it's ridiculous. My little department is partially on its own but I can still feel the stress.

Anyway, just venting a bit. I could use a few tips of how I might handle this and how long it might last.
I do not like feeling this way.
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Congrats on day 10!
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I have no advice, b/c this is an issue I have...and I'm even medicated with "happy pills" in addition to the alcohol I would drink to relax. The only thing that ever sorta works for me is trying to identify anything specific that is making me upset and cranky, or just trying to realize and acknowledge that I'm just in a bad mood and it is what it is. But congrats on Day 10!
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Writing it down, or journaling, has helped me. It's gets it out of your head and helps clarify the issue. I understand how jumbled it can get when it's running around your head at 100mph. This leads to irritation and unrest in me, and in the past has led me to relapse. Not saying that's going to happen but just throwing it out there.

No one will read it but you, unless you choose otherwise. I've written some crazy stuff. I may burn mine at some point.

Meditation can help too.

Congrats on 10 days
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As part of the benefits my company offers is free counseling sessions with a therapist. I took advantage of this and it has been great speaking with the counselor. It's really helped me keep strong. Why don't you check into this.
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Congrats on day ten. I felt like that for the first few months of sobriety. Ready to bite heads off at the least provocation. I said the serenity prayer a lot. I took a bunch of walks. Breathing exercises helped. And I filed it under "this too shall pass.". And it did. It's just not comfortable while you're going through it.

Hang in there.
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Such good advice! Thank you to everyone!

I have always been my own worst critic, very hard on myself. So it's weird for me to try to be easy on myself and be patient. Obviously, I'm not so great at dealing with anything negative because I go straight for the pills.

I do take a low dose antidepressant but have no idea if it's really working. I thought about seeing an addiction specialist but I'm afraid they might want prescribe more pills.

I just want to feel normal or mildly content. I'm definitely going to journal. Whatever works.

Knowing you guys care enough to share ideas with me also helps.
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On a daily basis I get out of my office and away from all the people I have daily contact with. I go into the plant/warehouse, other admin departments and just talk to other people (dept managers , line operators, clerks, etc.) . It gives me a new perspective on the daily life of the company and employees, when I get back to my office I have a somewhat clearer head and almost always a new set of priorities
Hope this helps, takes time to develop a new temperament, good luck!!
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A very good idea as well! Thanks!
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Congratulations on day 10...
Breath, big breaths.
Remember ...HALT...Hungry ..Angry ...Lonely ...Tired...
It gets better, really does..what you are doing by posting and venting is wonderful...we are here and understand....
The really good news is that you will never have to do this again.
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Do your best
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I was like that at day 10 it will get better moods pass your doing great peanut and
now your double digits congrats bud
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Day 10 is fantastic!! Keep pushing through!!
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Hi Peanut, click my name anx read my posts. im 8.5 months sober theres some good advice there. hang in there, do the hard work now it definitely gets easier.
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