Stay sober this weekend July 24!

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Giving up is NOT an option.
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Mesa - my dad is a serious audiophile and has some seriously expensive tube amps. I have a little tube phono stage for my turntable - it's really sweet. I love the warmth and range of tube gear. Analog is where it's at!
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MLD. I agree about the tubes. We had a stereo with phono and when you would hit the on button you could hear the tubes energizing. The sound was great.

Wease: with regard to your post about weight and since i have gotten a little older, i have struggled to keep it off. Since trying to get sober (over the last two years) and my most recent sober stint (now) i have lost 30 lbs. Those empty calories were reeking havoc on my mid section! But getting sober hasnt returned any hair to my head
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Although not specially sobriety oriented, a couple of songs I enjoy on weekend mornings this time of year are 'Summer Breeze' by Seals and Croft and 'Sailing' by Christopher Cross. Nice easy breezy stuff to start the day.

.....edit to add that I'll have them on replay all day because my 16 year old daughter is just telling me her wallet was stolen from her car last night. She works as a hostess in a local restaurant. Was it in her purse?...yes. Was her purse in her car?....yes. Did she leave it on the seat of her car?.....yes. Was her car locked as she worked last night? "But I lock it most of the time daddy". I just had a talk with her last week about being more aware of what she's doing and less distracted with her phone......the conversation greatly offended her.
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Giving up is NOT an option.
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Here's one of my favorite songs for feeling grateful about sober life - it's not about sobriety but it sums up how I feel most days.
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Afternoon Weekenders!!

Having a relaxing one watching the end of the Tour de France on TV, it's the final stage into Paris, always a great conclusion to the event.

Not much else planned for the rest of the evening, pot of green tea beside me, gonna take it easy and then get creative in the kitchen later on!!

Let's keep it Sober!!
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Giving up is NOT an option.
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Oh I love those songs, Mark. Nice choices for "easy breezy."
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Yep, MLD, I had to get away from some of my country music stuff. Wow at the drinking references in so much of that. There was one last year that summed up my weekends....Day Drinking. I don't get too serious with the song analysis, but I did but put an end, at least for now, to some of my music choices.
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Horrendous weather here. Just did a big grocery shop. Think we will spend the rest of the day eating and watching. Might give that show Humans a go.

Nons, I trim my bushy monobrow when I shave my head to prevent traumatising children!!!

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A simple guy making his way
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Ahhhh... The wafting smell of beef stew slowly cooking in the oven.
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I've gotten pretty good at planning the next day's meals. This is something I really didn't do when drinking and it often resulted in cheeseburgers and fries or an entire bag of popcorn and cookies for dinner. The whole malnutrition thing was taking its toll on me at the end.

Not to mention that 14 pounds I've lost Just a couple more! I'm eating lots of fruit and vegetables and have dialed way back on the sugar. It's so much easier when not in the mode of "more is better."

Ugh. I do not miss that. I used to think alcohol was the top of the food choices and ice cream was number two. It's pretty near impossible to stay at a healthy weight or to have the energy to exercise while drinking. I tried - it didn't work.
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Bimini I second everything you just said.
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If the gal at the hair cuttery asks me if I'd like my eyebrows trimmed, the answer would be yes. She wouldn't ask if she didn't think it needed it... maybe?
Attached Images
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Dude needs a North Brazilian...
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Well another Sunday spent on the Lancia.

Someone has offered me 1500 for the bucks or male molds that I used to shape the panels. Nice to get something back for a change

Now that a few people know it's here and also that it has some panels and a few mechanical parts fitted I have decided that I am going to move it all to where I work. Security is much better there and it means I can show to people whose help/ knowledge I might need. I haven't told the boss this, I will have to persuade him tomorrow.

It also means I can do a few bits weekdays before I go home.

Congratulations Chris Froome overall winner Tour de France 2015
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Eyebrows flowing in the wind. That guy's face must keep warm in winter.

Headed out to brother's soon. Daughter wants me to walk her with bike around the block first. Mommies never get five minutes of uninterrupted time.

MLD, thanks for U2. Good song. My major resentment in the musical world was that I've never seen them in concert. They played a very small venue touring for the War album and my friends wouldn't go. "Who's that? Never heard of 'em". Six months later they were playing a giant stadium and friends were so happy they scored tickets to see this hot new band. I didn't go.

I'm sad. My dad isn't going to my brother's. Not feeling well and having trouble breathing. I just have to prepare. He's not going to be improving. He's active. He's out doing stuff but this summer, not so much.

Anyway, little miss demanding my attention. Talk to you all later
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Originally Posted by Weasel1966 View Post
I think you are both right!
The early bird gathers no moss.
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I saw these guys a few years ago in Lansing. I think they were on their way to Chicago after that. They were a bit older but not bad in concert.
I recall now driving around Chicago a few days later on my way to South Dakota. Never want to experience that ridiculous traffic again. It's worse than DC traffic as I recall.

ps. update - I went out on a limb and picked up a hamper for 10 bux at target. She's good with it.
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Giving up is NOT an option.
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I just finished watching "Wild" with Reese Witherspoon. Highly recommended.
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Oh, I want to see that movie, MLD51. The book was really good.
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...holds the key
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Sorry about your dad, Ruby. It's hard to see our parents get older and watch their health decline.

Glad the hamper dilemma is solved, Brain.

I went to one of those painting parties today....we painted plates and bowls. It was nice to create something but it was a byob deal. When did painting become a drinking sport? I had a diet dr pepper. Now I'm eating the last of the butterfingers bites in the trail mix.
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