4 weeks

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4 weeks

Day 28... I'm looking physically so much better... Starting to care about my appearance more... Never had so many showers lol... It's amazing how you let things slip in the midst of booze.
Keep on keeping on folks xxx
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pray for strength
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Hi Hez,

Well done taking such good care of yourself - with the 4 weeks and the refreshing showers. Good to hear from you. Hope other things in life are going equally as well.
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hez the showers! It is amazing how I actually care about and like being clean now. I had clothes I would just throw away because they were stained with stink. So gross. Keep it up hez.
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Keep it up Hez! That's terrific!
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bona fido dog-lover
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Congrats on the first of many sober months.
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Bound to be looking better on the inside too :-)
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One Day At A Time
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Congrats on 4 weeks!
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Congrats on 4 weeks, hez!
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4 weeks is amazing, hez1979. You're doing great!
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4 Weeks is fantastic Hez!!
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Well done.
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Do your best
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aka Nesty
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Great job Hezz ! Keep it up - Aww yes them sweet showers , I did wonder at times if it was me or my black lab
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way to go Hez!

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Congratulations on 4 weeks!
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Congratulations on a month! Way to go. Praying for you and your sober journey.
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A month is huge! Congrats.

I like everything better.
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