Why Do Some People Get 100 Replies and Some 7

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I think it is helpful when a member connects on a somewhat consistent basis, especially when new. I feel like I developed a sense of other members based on the sharing aspects of their lives. It doesn't always have to be about alcohol either. When someone mentions their pets, or their love of Southern food, or the fact that they are moving…it helps round out the flatness of being identified by an avatar.

It doesn't mean you need to give details that would make you identifiable. But I think when you share details other members feel connected.

I think of it like walking down a long hallway in a hotel. When all the doors are shut we all appear uniform and flat. But behind each door are a vast array of personalities, issues and events.

Last week someone shared that he had poison ivy. I just endured a very aggravating bout, I immediately felt that I shared something with this person.

There are a number of ongoing threads like the weekend thread, monthly classes, fitness threads, etc. I think participating in an ongoing thread, in which some members post fairly regularly, can be a great way to connect.

I feel like I developed friendships here not because I have met the person, but because I acquired a sense of someone and am always interested in what is going on with them. It is like recognizing a familiar face in a crowded bus station.

Obviously certain OP's can be provocative. But people really do have your back here. And even if a post is made that becomes controversial and interactions are heated, I have seen many fences mended, sometimes forging even closer connections.
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