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I so want a drink an cigarette. I'm trying my hardest not to go to the bar....
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Don't go. stay here and talk with us! Tomorrow morning you will be very glad you did.
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Hello tonisherrell.

I've been craving the same combination all day. It's been a hideous day. The feeling passes. You can and will overcome it.

I believe in you.
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Posting here is fantastic. Nice job! There is a craving " sticky" on this forum somewhere. I will try to find it ! In the meantime? Have some ice cream. It is totally incompatiple with alcohol.
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Here it is - posted by Dee many times

CarolD was one of my dearest friends here and a woman I respected.

When she passed she had over 20 years of recovery, and she leaves a great legacy here, not only in the many forums she modded, but in Newcomers forums too...

Here's a cobbled together post of some of her tips to deal with cravings

Originally Posted by CarolD
Lots of recent threads about is what
worked for me in early sobriety.

Sharing from my files with hope it helps someone....

I think there are 2 types of cravings
perhaps a mixture?

One type is more a habit than physical.

You drive home and your car steers into your favorite bar or package store.

You come home tired...sit in 'your: chair' and want the usual comfort of a glass/can in hand....To sleep better...toss down a drink.

These can be avoided by changing your routine

Drive a different route
Change the furniture around..sit in a different place.
Fix a glass of anything non alcoholic.

If you drink booze from a can...use a glass
If you did drink from a glass...use a mug

I did time my cravings in early sobriety .
Mine were 5 to 7 minutes in duration.
seemed forever...but that was false.

I took action....drank cold water ...brushed my teeth
went for a walk...danced around the room...ate Lifesavers

My doctor said I did not require meds for de toxing...but agreed that
I could follow a healthy eating plan for hypoglycemia instead.

I used the one in 'Under The Influence" by Milam and Ketcham.
I consider this helped with cravings.

I was also taking a multi vitamin and a B 12

I re connected with God....very comforting for me....I prayed often...still do..

I also attended AA daily...walked often....cut out caffeine...
I quit hanging out in bars and with drinkers..
instead I made new friends in AA who shared my new goals.

Within 2 weeks my cravings lessened immensely... in both
intensity and duration

By 2 months they vanished
Have not returned in 20 years..

Shared with the hope that some of y'all will use any and all
of my experience to continue or find your way in to recovery. too can win over alcohol..
Please feel free to add your own tips and suggestions for dealing with cravings from your own experience

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Very smart to post instead of going to the bar.

Here's what helped me during those times:
- SR chat room. Huge help.
- read up on alcohol addiction
- read up on what alcohol does to you

The most powerful for me was reading up on techniques to get past those feelings.

Before you know it, you've won another battle and your really proud of yourself.
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I decided to cook me a steak an enjoyed a glass of lemonade.. But boy do I just want to get in my car an drive around the corner to the bar with a fresh pack of smokes.. But I will not I won't no matter what.
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Good for you. Excellent. You'll be happy for that choice. Keep "playing it forward" to the point where you know you'll be back to drinking and smoking full time. If you haven't already read up on urge surfing, I find that helpful as well.

Doing great man.
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Cravings will come and go. Best to have a plan of what to do when they hit-keep busy, eat something, walk, distract yourself in some way. They say a craving lasts about 7 minutes and it's gone. The steak was an excellent choice!! Well done, toni.
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Great job on pushing through Toni!!
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You should be proud of yourself that you came here first. Hope you enjoyed your steak, you deserved it. A nice reward for exercising some discipline.
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