Your favorite nonalcoholic drink?

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Your favorite nonalcoholic drink?

I mentioned this in my other thread and got some great suggestions. I like water and am drinking a lot of it, but I'd like something to sip on at night. I like coffee in the morning, but it will keep me awake at night. Last night was the first night in years that I slept through the night without the aid of any sort of pill.

I'm off to intake and I'll be in an area where there are a lot of nicer grocery stores. I like coke and stuff, but the last thing I want to do is introduce a bunch of sugar into my diet. I really like the taste of lemonade, but again, this is probably too sugary. I'm not a big tea fan, but with these new tea stores popping up, maybe i'll find a nice flavor. I like minty things. I don't like sparkling water either. Someone mentioned iced green tea.

I do like sweet stuff, but I don't want to go the splenda route. Is stevia any good?

Thank you.
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My favorite, lemon Zero Water, sounds like the perfect fit for you!
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Almost 700 years sober
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Cranberry juice or Blueberry juice
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Cranberry juice, a splash of soda water and three slices of lemon.
I also enjoy lemon water, I keep a jug in my fridge.
I love spiced chai tea, steeped of course.
Every night I have a cup of Sleepytime or chamomile tea in bed before lights out.
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To sleep at night,Chamomile Tea,with a spoon of honey and a slice of lemon.
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I love coffee and tea so I drink the decaffeinated variety in the evening.

With meals, I like to treat myself to different sparkling juices. I love ginger beer at the moment, made with fresh fiery ginger. Nice replacement for wine.

Soda water and lime is a nice drink when out socialising. I do have the odd non-alcoholic beer, very rarely now though. Most of them taste terrible!!

Best of luck,

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If you're not a tea fan, you probably haven't tried many of the wonderful teas that exist. White tea, supposedly the healthiest one, has a great taste. I like the plain one, but there are also really nice mixes with all sorts of tasty things.

I also like green tea, with lemon.

Btw, tea also contains caffeine but much less than coffee. Especially the green and white versions contain very little caffeine. Probably not enough to cause any sleeping problems. In fact, they're quite relaxing. And great to sip on and enjoy.

There's also green tea with mint, which is one of my favorites. It's nice and fresh.

And tea is healthy, so it's a great option. Just try out different ones. There's a wide range of tastes and probably there will be at least one you do like.

Other than tea, a cup of warm milk could be an option. It is said to help you sleep well and for me that's certainly too. I do recommend low/no fat milk to limit unnecessary fat intake. And I personally like warm milk with aniseed (the cubes) a lot.

You can add flavors to plain water too. You can squeeze a fresh lemon and add some of its juice to the water. Works for both warm and cold water, whichever you like best.

One other thing you could try is homemade smoothies. You can even add vegetables in them if you like.

Regarding stevia, I have no idea.
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Lacroix sparkling water.. Couldnt stand it at first, but it free on me... Love to pop open a cold can, no extra sugar or calories...
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Club soda with a lime wedge.
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Green tea!
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Club soda with frozen fruit, fresh mint, and oj. Pellegrino with grapefruit. There are some blood orange or fizzy lemonade things that you can buy too. Actually I just hit up the grocery store for some fancy drinks that don't have alcohol and I was surprised at how many there are.
Also I find that if you mix anything sugary like pop or lemonade or with a bunch of club soda, its a lot less sugar and tastes almost the same or better.
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The latest fave - Montmorency cherry juice, mixed with lime flavored Lacroix club soda with a squeeze of lime.... The cherry juice has a ton of health benefits (including enhanced sleep) with no added sugar.

I mix just about everything with lime flavored club soda.
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I've been loving my nightly cocktail of intensely sparkling water (there are different levels of effervescence) with lime and crushed mint. It is amazing and really feels like a big treat, special occasion drink because of all the work to get it ready.
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Coffee with half & half, tea (hot and iced), LaCroix sparkling water, and any kind of club soda, sparkling, or mineral water. Sometimes I mix in juice.
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Stevia's good.

I like Teas, and lots that I go for are naturally caffeine free: Moroccan Mint; Redbush; White tea with Jasmine; Chai.

I also went through a cocoa phase. Making it with a generous amount of good quality cocoa, stevia to sweeten (add at the end - it doesn't like being simmered); vanilla and a touch of chilli, ginger and cinnamon.

Lots of people seem to love coconut milk / water - I think it's vile - but might be worth a try.

For a cold drink I like ginger ale with added root ginger and lots of fresh mint leaves (crushed slightly to release the aroma), and a generous squeeze of lime.
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Yogi bedtime tea--helps sleep really, has tons of really great ingredients for the purpose and has a natural sweetness from the licorice. Vitacost has it really cheap right now and if you buy from them they send you codes like I got a code for all yogi tea 25% off today and it was still on clearance.
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During the day and evening I *love* the lemon-flavored LaCroix sparkling water.
Before bed I usually have a cup of Yogi Caramel Bedtime Tea. Mmm.
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Lemon water!
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You all are so highbrow! I still prefer a good ol' Shirley Temple!
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All kinds of teas, coffees and seltzer with a twist of lemon. Other than that plain water. :-)
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