Wedding this Weekend :/

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Mera, now that was a great reminder!
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It was a fantastic campaign by Heineken. They put out these videos and let them go viral without ever associating their name with it. It was all about responsible drinking, but for alcoholics a reminder of what we look like when we drink.
Heineken: Know The Signs | UNIT9
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Meraviglioso, that was the perfect video to show!

Ohme, you are VERY lucky to have your husband in your court. The wedding day is about your friend getting married, not about your other friends wanting to get drunk. The advice above is really good. Have your exit strategy ready, and be ready to leave if necessary.

I had a cousin who was on a diet and her trainer would not let her have ANY alcohol. She said the hardest was to deal with her friend's complaints. Maybe you could say you are training for a marathon or something? Otherwise, the antibiotic excuse has worked for me too.

Best wishes!!!
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That is perfect Meraviglioso!!
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I asked a friend of mine once if he was going to the wedding of a mutual friend of ours and he said to me "nah, I'll go to the next one". Thought it was funny.
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I can't imagine any scenario where actual friends would feel betrayed by you not drinking.

I have friends that I drank/camped with for over a decade. They still drink, and they are nothing but supportive.

It sounds like your outright saying alcohol is a pre requisite for your friendships, so your flirting with pretending to be what they want, or expect. If you can't be who you want to be, and you feel like you have to be who they want you to be, your wasting precious energy that you will need for your sobriety on nonsense.

I agree that you should go to the wedding. Not the reception, and that you seek more honest meaningful people to spend time with.
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Today is the day and I am happily on my day 5! This is the longest I've gone in many years without a drink. Last night was so difficult but i got past it. I know my relationships with my old friends aren't that healthy. I think that's on me and it's what I'm trying to fix. But I would be lying if I said I didn't have a huge fear of losing my closest friends, even if I am logically aware that the way I view the friendship is toxic and harmful. Anyway, my biggest trigger friend is not attending now because of a funeral. I felt relief and then huge shame for my relief when I found out. I have to admit it takes the pressure off immensely and then I told the other friend who doesn't pressure but whom I love drinking with that I would drive her and her hub because they are from out of town. She was disappointed but understood (I told her I have too much to do tomorrow and open bar+me=bad news). I would and have never drank + drove and no one in these friends would pressure me on that front so I'm giving myself another reason if the "me" reasons aren't enough tonight. and I have no booze at home and it will be too late to get some when the weddings over so I won't be tempted there. (I mean I will be tempted but won't be able to do anything about it lol).
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Do your best
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Remember to come here if you do start urging or craving SR is in your corner
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You can do this Ohme!! Don't throw away Day 5!!
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Originally Posted by Meraviglioso View Post
Here, watch this before going.
Wow that's pretty graphic, poor bride got injured also, sad to watch.
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How dyu go?

So Ohme how did it all go for you?

good I hope, even if it didn't all go to plan, tell us about it here I'm sure we'd all like to hear ?

n I forgot one really simple one to turn down a drink without embarrassment or reasoning,,, just say..

"thanks but I cant right now, I'm taking some tablets"

no one would push that further...
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How did it go? I hope you had a good time.
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How did it go Ohme? I really hope it was a success.
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