Soberwolf is officially 2 years sober

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Late to the party - no cake left.

We love you Wolfie - you're a wonderful member of the family. Thanks for your daily friendship and support.
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Congratulations, Wolfie, on two years!

Now, how about posting a little bit from time to time. You know, just drop in with an occasional word.

In all seriousness, thank you for being a good, loyal friend to SR. In addition to setting an example with this wonderful milestone, you've shown us that a kind word, an insight, a shoulder and an appreciation for hurdles cleared all go a long way.

You're a good man, SoberWolf.
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Congratulations Soberwolf!! Thank you for all you do here. You're so awesome! :-)
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Congratulations, 2 years is wonderful...give yourself the pat on your back that you deserve.
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Love ya, Wolfie. So proud of you!!!
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Well done you!!!!
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Well done my friend. Love your constant support here!!!
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Congrats SW !
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voices ca**y
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Congratulations Wolfie!
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Congrats on a job well done, Soberwolf! You are well loved here. Thank you for all you do for others, and so glad you have done this beautiful thing for yourself too
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Congratulations Wolfy.
My classmate and brother in sobriety.
The forums would be missing a great asset if you weren't here to offer your encouragement and kind words.
I salute you!
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Awesome, coming up on my two years next Monday.
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Well done! Raise the "roof"! Congrats on a great achievement, glad things are moving along, best of luck on continued sobriety and success!
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howlin' congrats, Sw.
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Good work sober wolf !!
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Wow! Thank you, Wolf, for all your support!
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Fantastic Wolf!!! Way to be a BOSS!
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Do your best
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Thank you each & every one of you it means the world that i have you guys in my life helping me along the way

I have my f2f assessment with a therapist today il pop bk in later & let you guys know how it went

Thank you so so much guys
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