Soberwolf is officially 2 years sober

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SB Congrats!
2 yrs and 1.16 billion miles around the sun, way to go. I'm right behind ya , here's to never catching up
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Congratulations on 2 years, that's great!

I'm relatively new here but you're a vital member of the community and I always look forward to reading your posts. Thanks.
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Congratulations Sober Wolf. Thanks for your help on my own journey as well.

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Soberwolf you are THE MAN!
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Congrats, Wolfie! Enjoy your celebrations today
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Congrats Sober Wolf! 2 years is spectacular!
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Oh my gosh congratulations man!!!!!!
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Do your best
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I was beat Silver Surfer mrs sw got sick of coming home to me passed out so she moved out, i was constantly sick & vomiting blood i had no one i was on my own in a burnt out bedroom no internet no money no friends it was horrific

The reason i say this is to stress how bad i wanted to be sober i was willing to do anything if i carried on i wouldnt have lasted much longer

I started going to AA meetings, i went to group therapy 3-4 times a week which really helped, i had acceptance, i was constantly journalling, i was accepted on & passed 2 short college courses in plastering & floorlaying, i always reached out if i felt like drinking i would ring up my sponser & say im having cravings, i made the effort of reconnecting with my family always visiting them & always going the extra mile to get to that good tired

The stuff i learned in meetings will stay with me for life

I found SR at around 13 months last august & i truly believe this is the best resource for recovery hands down it is a phenomenal site for recovery

If i can ever help Surfer just drop a msg bud
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Congrats SoberWolf, you're my hero!!!
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Congratulations, dear soberwolf; so very well done; wear those new clothes with pride.

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Do your best
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Thank you
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Into the Void
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Way to go Wolfie!

Take your well deserved victory laps now!

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That bell or bike person
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Keep on , keeping on SW

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Congrats Wolfie!! Way to turn your life around! You have much to be proud of
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Congrats brother! Happy for you! You're an inspiration.
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Superb soberwolf that's great news!
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Congrats, Wolfie! Two years is HUGE
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Awesome news soberwolf!
your words and encouragement mean so much around here.
You have come a long way!
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