Soberwolf is officially 2 years sober

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I love it when members post how well they are doing! well done and thank you, it's a great motivator to have people to look up to / be inspired by.
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under new management
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Congratulations soberwolf!!!!!

I see you here paying it back every single day, you are rocking your sobriety!!!
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Congratulations that's awesome! You're always really helpful to newcomers and people coming back
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That's fantastic Soberwolf, congratulations and thanks for all your contributions here on SR over those 2 years.
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Congrats man! I'm very happy for you!
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Congrats on two years sober!! Woo hoo!!
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SoberWolf - Early on when I joined SR, it became evident it's hard to login and not find / read your uplifting, supportive posts. Can't imagine this place without you my friend

Congratulations on two years - I know it's not always easy, but as you've demonstrated even if our arse falls off just


Together WE stay sober......

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Do your best
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Thank you i couldnt of done it without you guys so glad i found this place

Together we stay sober
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Sobriety is Traditional
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Congratulations and thank you for all the support you share here at SoberRecovery.
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Great job.....
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Congratulations, Soberwolf!

Keep up the great work, 2 years is something to be proud of!

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Congratulations and thank you for all your great posts
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SoberWolf, congratulations on all your hard work.

And, thanks so much for your wonderful friendship.
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So, what, as opposed to 2 years 'Unofficially' Sober? Hee hee...

Way to fearlessly rock it! Always enjoy your contributions here on SR.
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Significant achievement, dude!
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Congratulations Soberwolf!!! Thank you for being a buddy and a source of support for me! 2 years is no mean feat my friend
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You are awesome and you've already helped me more than you know! Congrats on two years!!!!
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I thought mrs sw was planning a night out i was wrong lol she has bought me new clothes & a new pair of Nikes
WOW you got a keeper! my anniversary comes and goes no one notices nor cares sorta depressing really But I try not to focus on that its a big deal to me not them so whatever.

Good job thats awesome! Thanks for being so helpful around here too BTW.
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Thanks for sharing your HUGE accomplishment with us. And thanks for all of the encouragement you've given!
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