Worst hangover of my life !

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I hear ya, Snoozy, my love. I had a lot of those hangovers from hell-never drink again, days/weeks, but I always drank again, when the hangover subsided and I thought I could control it yet again.

Dee has made a good point, You may want to look into it.

We all love you and don't want you to suffer again. We don't have that many hangovers left in us.I know I didn't when I stopped.
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I really agree with you Mags , I don't think i could do that again. I'm actually still recovering from that latest bout , but enough is enough.

I'm so done !

I will look into other avenues to stay safe & sober , I just don't quite know what that is yet

Thanks everyone for your love & wonderful support xxx

Day 3 for me & not going back
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Congrats on day 3, Snooz!
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Red face

Day three is great Snoozy! I am so glad you are starting again.
You seem like such a sweet, caring person, and from reading other post, I know I am just one of many who wish you well. We are all here for you.
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Happy for our Snoozy on her Day 3.
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Hi Snoozy Way to go, day three!
Never look back. Two years is amazing, you will succeed You know that you can.
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When I was younger it took 1 day to recover from a weekend binge. As I got older my binges got longer more intense and it took longer and longer to recover. My last dry out after a month long binge took about 5 days of bed rest. It just keeps getting worse and worse, harder and harder, every time you do it.
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Congratulations on day 3!! You got this and we are all here for you.
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This sounds like hangovers I used to get basically every weekend. I used to tell people how bad they were and I think they thought I was exaggerating. I would literally drink straight whiskey right when getting up, sometimes puke it right back up and I would still drink more.
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Day 3 is fantastic Snooz!!
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