on day 4

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on day 4

Couldnt sleep much last night so im a little groggy this morning. Body is still a little sore, stomach pains are mild and heartburn here amd there but no where close to how i felt day 1&2 . ive been tryimg to do research on detoxing . seeing as im doing it from home. Seems like im going the right direction. Very boring sitting at home but i use the internet and music to pass the time. I found a bath online to rid toxins in the body and i felt great afterwards. It was 2 cups epsom salt, 1 cup baking soda and 2 tablespoons ground ginger mixed with warm bath water for 40 minutes. Hope everyone has a great day.
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Day 4

I hope you get the feeling of JOY and thankfulness in your life as you stay sober.. Im on day 4 myself too so Alcohol is flat out poison for us. I just got out of prison for DUI and have tried some drinking about 10xs............... Everytime my mind body has suffered extremely.. No drinking allowed on Parole for me... I am tired of trying to drink and enjoy it, once I drink I feel different my actions have landed me in too many hospitals, fights, car wrecks, homelessness unmanagability I guess with all the emotions from my drinking I try it over and over............ Endless havoc unloving, Ok well thats todays thought from me...... I feel hopefull and hope you do to my longest clean 5.5 yrs. without a drop of Beer........
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Thank you sir! I have had those same problems as well being arrested numerous times while blackout drunk. I spent 2012 christmas in jail due to not being able to control myself pretty much drink til i pass out. I hope you do well with your time. Parole can be a blessing or a curse so i wish you the best
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Rickpat, good for you on Day 4!
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Great going! I'm on day 8 and I can tell you that even in 4 more days, things will be much better.
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Day 4 is fantastic!! Keep pushing through!!
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keep moving forward rickpat!

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Learning to live again
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4 days is great, rickpat. You're going to feel a bit better each day.
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Hang on!
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Welcome. 4 days is an accomplishment, and the physical symptoms will fade with each day as your body begins to heal. Good on ya!
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Nice job! You got me by a day. Let's keep it that way!
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rickpat & edward73, good for you both! Keep it up, it gets better.
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Missed this thread yesterday somehow. Congrats on day 4 and I hope day 5 is already going great for you!
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Congrats guys. I'm on day 3 after a relapse on mon but over the last week that was the only time. Bad, but for me an achievement for me. Apart from my relapse I seem to start feeling much better after 2 days or so coupled with eating better etc. Just need to keep it going
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