We don't always get another chance

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We don't always get another chance

Over the weekend a 22 year old young man made a decision that cost him his life. His actions reminded me of the really poor choices I made while drinking and the incredible luck, grace, destiny or whatever one chooses to call it - that got me through.

Another stark lesson that drinking leads to poor choices and at times irreversible decisions.

Horrific and sad.......

Maine man dies after launching fireworks from his head - The Washington Post
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Oh dear God.

Yes, horrific and sad.
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I am continually reminded "there but for the grace of God go I".

This is so heartbreaking.
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Tragic. So sorry for his family & friends. And for the wasted life.
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Eeesh! Sad and crazy

Once when drunk in Portugal 1 dived from about 10-12 metres up into the Atlantic, there were razor sharp rocks everywhere, sheer good fortune made me miss them. Didn't stop me drinking either at the time
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I agree, yet hesitate to blame alcohol. The young man made several poor decisions that night. Drinking was one of them, and it cost him his life.
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Poor choices has been on my mind for the last week. Sadly, that wasn't the first tie it happened this year. This one was about 2 miles from my home:
Walled Lake man dies after putting firework next to head

I have made terrible choices while under the influence I never would have made sober. Many,many mornings filled with disbelief over my choices of the day/ night before.
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