Holiday Edition Stay sober Weekender July 4th

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Hears The Voice
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Happy Independence Day.

I burned through 3 chapters of my exam review book this afternoon, and getting ready for a cookout. Storms north and south of us, but we might catch a break here.

Be well!
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Hey everybody! Happy 4th! Have peeps coming over for my famous Ribs-a-la-Art. Then making the huge trek to my front lawn to watch the fireworks display. I live about a mile from one of the biggest displays in the DFW area. In Sept. I get to see the hot air balloons from my front yard. Kinda cool.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! Celebrate independence ... from booze.
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Brain sounds like the trip worked out pretty well! I didn't know there was a place called Hermit Island. I think I need to move there!

Soberpotamus, I like the typewriter as well. You'd be amazed at how long it takes to get rid of 50 business cards!

Ruby, glad the meetings are making you feel better. They seem to help me a lot too. Can't wait to get home and back to my usual meetings! My hand also hurts terribly if I write more than half a page... I wonder why that is? It's always happened...

Della, too funny about the dog! I would have said the exact same thing.

I also love anything lavender scented, although lilac is my favorite. I don't think they make enough lilac scented things. I like Lily of the Valley as well.
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Well that wasn't a bad day.

Fry-up for brekie, then a walk and then my driving lesson. I'll tell you something silly: driving scares me. Also I had a bad experience years ago with a terrible instructor who shattered my confidence by telling me "you're not a natural driver" and I gave up after that.

However, now I'm determined to do this. I spoke to my sister-in-law last night and I said "hopefully when I see you at Christmas I'll be on the road!" I am going to do this for my own confidence. My instructor said I'm not bad at all and I have another one booked for next week. The only thing was I was driving down the road thinking I was going at high speed, until some lady driver passed us out We laughed!

I know I complain about my mom a lot but she really is an amazing cook. When I came back she had made steak, gravy, vegetables and mashed potatoes followed by Apple pie and Ben and Jerry's Baked Alaska, just because it's 4th of July

Now I'm going to have herbal tea and watch a movie - The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. I enjoyed the first one a lot and it's got a host of my favourite British actors in it.

I hope you are all having a safe and happy 4th of July and have a wonderful night!
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Evening all,

Happy 4th of July my American sober friends!!

Just catching up with you all now. Busy day interspersed with the occasional nap. Felt the impact of the change in my work schedule today in that I now work longer hours. My job is mentally and emotionally stressful so it will take me time to adapt. I need to initiate a program of regular excercise.

Mrs B re-painted an old bench in our garden today. It looks amazing, she is a natural artist with a keen eye for colour combinations.

I hope you are all keeping well.

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I'm grilling. I was anxious about doing it. I've not done it for a while. We'll see.

It's pretty much just meat. Been chipping away at the mess in the kitchen but still no room to make much except more mess. After today, I think I'm going to shower and go to an open meeting. Social hour, actually.

I did a lot of work today in the sun. Hacked the weeds in yard and filled two giant bags of weeds. Mowed. Went to the park, bought daughter a bicycle at walmart. Della: did you assemble yours yet?

Ok. Sounds like everyone is doing ok. Hang in there
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Man, lotsa happenin' 'round this Thread. Great stuff!

Let Da Pooch off Leash to wade in a local River that abuts the Dog Park, and he did incredibly well. Responded to Vocal Commands. Didn't go in 'too far'. He should be seriously tuckered out tonight. 3 other Dogs w/Owners keep them all in a sort of 'cluster', and all wanting the same Stick. I was way happy with all this. The Cops drove by and could not care less about behaved Dogs Off-Leash. The notorious 'Sons Of Silence' Motorcycle Gang is reportedly moving into this area peddling Meth, so the local Constabulary has far bigger Fish to fry. 2 Dog Owners toked up River-side, but I don't care. They're my 30-something Pals, and that's what they do.

By the main Lake at the Dog Park - a Recycled Gravel Pit - you could see a veritable Guano-load of Mortars being set up. Looks like a Really Big Show. They pass some Firemen's Boots to collect Money for the Pyrotechnics. Sorta like this Thread. When the Fireman's Boots come off is when the action gets interesting.-)

We'll watch the Show from a distance up here, and not have to worry about Da Pooch freakin' from loud booms. I think we're goin' Full Tilt Redneck tonight, and setting up the Reclining Camp Chairs in my Pick-em-up Truck Bed for the best Sight Lines. Should I be inspired to slip into my 'Mankini', I got a 55 Gallon Drum of Bug Spray to coat my substantial surface area of exposed Skin.

Burgers on the Grill are queued up, and it's clouded up nicely w/a Breeze. Thunder rumbling way off in the distance. Afterwards, it's Killer Blueberry Pie w/fab Crust. Just like Mom used to make because - well - my MIL used to make it from a time-tested, 'Crisco'-based Recipe handed down off the Ark.

At another lil Mountain Town this morning, we watched a 'Mayberry'-style Parade, and grabbed a Meal in the Park. Meal proceeds go to the local Mountain Rescue Fund. I also took a Check, and joined up to our local, Rural Ambulance Association. If we need them, it's free, and they bill the Insurance Company. Co-Pay covers any balance. $60-/year well spent. My City House Neighbor got a 4+ hour Stiffy after ingesting some Viagra, and had to visit the Emergency Room via some pricey Ambulance ride. Ya just never know...

The Pic below is the low-impact Moped used by the local Solar Energy/Solar Panel Company to get around Town. Kinda Festive, ain't it?

A pre-Gene Simmons Character named Arthur Brown supplies the classic Music, since a Mountain in my SoCal Hometown is known to burn every year when Fireworks are lit off the peak.

You Guys rock, and it's my persistent pleasure to join in here every Weekend! No need to touch that Fifth on the Fourth...
- 'Fire' ~ Arthur Brown -


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Mesa your poor neighbor. There is a man that lives at my grandma's nursing home the call viagra Bob. Told grandma I'd give him a taking to if if he starts making her uncomfortable. It's our inside joke.
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Grilling accomplished. It was good. Should have only gotten one steak. We only ate part of one. I had uncooked chicken breast left over from earlier this week so I searched online for a recipe and found a really yummy one. I ate more chicken than steak. 3 tbsp of olive oil, 1.5 tbsp red wine vinegar, juice of one lime, 1 tsp of paprika, half tsp each of onion powder and garlic powder, salt and pepper to taste. Mix it. Cut chicken to thread on skewers. Marinate for 1 to 3 hours, thread on skewers and grill 10 to 15 minutes, turning to cook evenly. They were really good. Can't marinate them too long or the lime cooks the chicken and makes it too soft.
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I heard there is a local nursing home that gives the residents Viagra.

Keeps them from falling out of bed.
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'Little Feat' Founder Paul Barrere [sp] wrote a Song to his Daddy in the Old Folks Home - 'Old Folks Boogie' - with the line:

'And you know, that you're over the Hill, when your Mind makes a promise that your Body can't fill...'

- 'Old Folks Boogie' ~ Little Feat ~ Live -
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..."whoa-oooo" - I have that song on my MP3 and hear it frequently. Thx, MM

Little Feat was a fave of mine back in da day.
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Greetings Sober Enders!
Lots to catch up on!!
Just home now from a day at the beach. Selected some fantastic much needed rocks and glass. Stopped by Penn Cove and dug a few clams. Took an excellent ferry ride back to the mainland.
It's hot here and I am tired. A snack, some ice cream and then some television. Started watching that new show 'Humans'. It is pretty good so far.
I will now go back and read through all of you all's shenanigans.
Be well people!!!!
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One Day At A Time
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Happy 4th, Weekenders!!!!

Sober here!
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Happy 4th, everyone. Felt like a Sunday with the 3 day weekend. A bonus day off!
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No Ruby still unassembled
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We watched a big fireworks show at the downtown amphitheatre by the river. It's always worth a trip through the snaking crowds, well, almost. Tonight I had a stomach ache. We are now getting Chinese for dinner. Fireworks still randomly going off all around.
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Friday, a day for me to unwind and paint....helped a friend grocery shop and some errands, Saturday I spent with my sponsee on her 5th step, ate awesome Chinese food, saw the new Terminator movie, fireworks and cuddle time with my bf.....parent's tomorrow to try to help fix their computer and will lead an evening meeting for beginners.....back to those 3 and 4 year-olds on Monday.....
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Hi all. All I can say is thank goodness I didnt drink tonight. My AV was alive and well on this 4th of July party night. I really wanted some alcohol. But I noticed at our cook out that people were having one drink, or one glass of wine. I would have had way more than one. So thank goodness I resisted temptation and didn't have any. I will be grateful in the morning.
Ruby. ..I'm going to try your chicken marinade. Sounds good.
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Well done, happyandfree.

Your name really suits you tonight. Every time I say no, I get stronger.
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