Acknowledging I have a problem

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Hi Sahm, quoting your OP "I told myself I didn't have a problem. Even though I knew inside I did".

I believe you answered a lot of your own questions in that one sentence. Stay in touch with the good people here that will help you and answer your questions. Best wishes.
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I was an angry mess for the first two weeks. I had to do anything I could, read, write, pray, exercise, organize to get past the initial shock to the system. It passed. Sought counseling right away as well. Found things I loved to do again. Hang in there great job for admitting!
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Your thoughts about worrying about watching TV without alcohol resonate with me... Oddly, that is one of my biggest triggers. If I am reading a book, I can't be drinking a ton because I wouldn't be able to read! Binge-watching shows gave me a great excuse to just sit down with wine for hours. I like RPG videogames, and those, too, make me want to drink. I am on Day 2 today, and I have a REFLEX of reaching for my wine while I am running around the in-game world.

As a result, I am trying to read more, or just focus more on the game I'm playing or show I'm watching. But it's different and strange.

I have a feeling this will be a long and tough road...but I think we are making the right choice in admitting that there is a problem. I am still not quite letting myself feel the shame I know is lurking, but just trying to take one step at a time, and congratulate myself for those victories.

I am glad that this forum exists. I think we will have a lot of help here.
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