newbie looking for Friends

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newbie looking for Friends

Hello all. Found your this forum via a friend and thought I'd join because I badly need Help. I went to rehab in February then spent 3 months clean. I felt fantastic!!! A new person. I used a Phoenix as a profile pic on my fbook page because that's how I felt. Then, after a trip back to the UK, I came back to France and felt really low and thought...just a little drink to pick me up. BAD idea. Roller coaster ride ever since. I'm going to see the doctor on Monday to see what can be done, what I can do, what we can get out of this black hole. I hope to meet people here, to exchange expériences and provide mutual support. Thanks for listening.
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Welcome pb06! This place has made a HUGE difference in my recovery. The amount of support on here is amazing.

We have a Weekend thread going on now in this same section. You should come join us! Lots of good people in there and it's a very active thread.

There are also online meetings twice a week in the chat room, Tuesdays and Fridays at 9PM EST. Sadly I've been missing them because I'm in Europe traveling and I go to bed early, but maybe you stay up later and can catch a few!

Glad you're adding some new support to your plan. 3 months is great, and it's good to know you can do it, but obviously something was missing if you drank again. Nice job on going to the doctor to get yourself sorted out. Sounds like you're back on track!
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Welcome!! There is also a sticky thread with all these great ideas from people who quit and how they did it. It is at the top of this Newcomer's section
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Welcome Pb06!

SR has been incredibly helpful for me and I know it can be for you as well. You had three months and that's awesome. You know you can do it again. Figure out why you drank and fix that hole in your sobriety plan.

I would suggest you pop in here and say hello. It is the class of June 2015 a lot of people supporting each other at the same place in their sobriety.\/ \/ \/ \/

I hope to see you posting around here frequently.
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Welcome, glad you're here!!!!
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Welcome to SR, pb06! There is a ton of great wisdom and support to be found here. I hope you'll make these forums a regular part of your recovery.
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Thanks everyone. Nice to meet you
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Welcome Pb really nice to meet you
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Welcome to the Forum Pb06!!
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Welcome Pb06

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Learning to live again
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Great to have you with us pb06.

We all understand how you feel. It really helped me feel less anxious when I joined SR & knew I wasn't alone anymore. I think you'll feel the same.
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I know this will be viewed as an odd analogy, but alcoholics have "invested" a tremendous amount of time and money into said investment. Unfortunately its a bad investment, no return at all, worse yet, a loss. A big fat loss. I believe when someone hits the point of detox, rehab, treatment, therapist etc...they have made another "investment". But the returns on that investment can be tremendously positive, a very good return on that investment. And it would be a shame to ignore all that was learned in treatment and lose that postive return on your investment. You owe it to yourself to give it go. You can do it, I believe most of us here believe you will do it.
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Welcome, friend.
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Welcome Pb06!
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