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After just over 2 months of sobriety I caved in and I'm really upset about's like I talked myself into it after I've talked myself out of drinks and coke time after time the past 2 months...I'm so mad at myself can't sleep depressed over it...that's why I'm posting...2 months! Like f*ck me now I have to start all over again: I feel like breaking down and balling...I'm a 35 yr old m and I feel like I'm 10...sorry people I'm just a mess right now thx for reading
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im 33 my advice is figure out areas to strenghten your sobriety possibly with a plan dont beat yourself up were here to support you
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Pick yourself up dust yourself off and start over again, the important thing is to return to sobriety and dont let this slip become a return to drinking.
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Most of us do beat ourselves up when we slip. It's a commentary on how sneaky the AV is to see how many of us slip now and then. At the same time, there are people who stop drinking who are very strong in their sobriety.

Imo, beating ourselves up can become yet another excuse to drink and climbing back up on the wagon as quickly as possible is the better way to go.
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Hi Josh

You may reset your sobriety date but I don't think you need to start over again - everything you learned and accomplishes in those 2 months is there.

All beating yourself up does is feed the inner addict - it's wasted energy. Put that energy to work

look at what happened and why and then build recovery plan 2.0 - faster better stronger - you can do it

welcome back
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Josh, Dee is right. Your sobriety date may change, but what you learned in those two months will stay with you and guide you along. It's understandable that you're frustrated with yourself, but don't let it keep you drinking. You can move on.
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Originally Posted by Saskia View Post
Imo, beating ourselves up can become yet another excuse to drink and climbing back up on the wagon as quickly as possible is the better way to go.
I agree with this. You can't undo it so it is best to just move forward and not dwell on it. Tomorrow is a new day.
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You came back to talk about what happened - that's the main thing. You aren't letting it turn into a binge. Be kind to yourself - you've made great progress and you'll continue on your road to a better life.
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Forgiving myself was the hardest thing in the world for me to do, I didn't deserve to be forgiven. But then after talking to my father and reading endless hours on this site, it changed my mind. I believe its imperative to forgive, but don't forget. Learn and move on. The two months was certainly not a waste. The number of days is just that, a number. Isn't the ultimate goal to have a better life in the long run. A life that alcohol does not ruin. Keep your chin up boss, you can do this.
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Go at things again Josh and tweak your plan!!

You can do this!!
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