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Yaay, Calicofish!! 4 months & a new (old) pup!

My puppy has been the centerpiece of my recovery. I got him at around 3 months in (& am at 10 months sober now). He was a new-new puppy, only 7 weeks old... We go hiking, play ball, learn tricks, go camping, take classes (obedience & agility), even do shepherding class (he's a border collie).

It sounds silly, but he's actually my best friend. I don't feel scared doing things alone, because I'm not alone...

I also have been refinishing furniture from garage sales, I go to meetings, I have a relatively clean house, open my mail (ha! - I saw that someone else listed that; I actually used to throw it in a box & leave it unopened for months!?). I actually just left my "amazing job" - the one I used to identify as "I'm ok - smart, professional, functional." It's funny, but my core self is getting very confident, I feel just fine being unemployed & without work identity at the moment (which would have been unthinkable in the past).

Regarding health quests (like quitting smoking, exercise, etc.) - I have found these to be very complementary to my sobriety, & I don't fully agree with the idea that these choices are a detriment in early sobriety. I've done them in layers (quit smoking a few months into sobriety, now doing Paleo food - no sugar or grain). These health decisions are helpful to my sobriety because they a. Make me feel better physically, but - almost more importantly - b. they are sort of hobbies on their own. To change my diet meant reading books, trying recipes, learning. It is kind of fun and interesting. I also appreciate that these changes make a difference in the way I am perceived in the world (ie. Not smoking opened up a lot of new people for me, folks who are into athletics & outdoors activities). Maybe the timing was just right for me, although this hasn't been the easiest year from any angle!

Oh, and lots of baths! I love baths! With salts and oils.
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I water my flowers at night.
I ride horses.
I watch Netflix.
I got my tragus pierced this week, which helps me feel like I regained some of my "edge" that I had when I was a partier.
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