Request For Prayers

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Request For Prayers

I'm writing for GRTgrandpa. He wanted you to know he is in hospital. ICU. Heart. Still sober. Grateful for his AA family. I'm his daughter. Please keep him in your prayers. Thank you.
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My prayers are being sent with love
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Do your best
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Sending thoughts & prayers im a friend of his your dad hes a really nice man

Will include him in my nightly prayers
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Thank you for letting us know, Washhc.

Sending my love and prayers for a speedy recovery.
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Oh, no. Prayers for him and for your family today. He's such a special man.

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Prayers to great grandpa. I hope he is ok and you are taking care of yourself

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Definitely praying. We love him!
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One Day At A Time
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Sending Prayers!
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I don't believe in God. I do believe in the human spirit, education, and love passed down through generations. Best wishes.
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That is very thoughtful of you. You're a wonderful daughter to do that for him.

Wishing and praying for his recovery, and for you as well.
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I pray that he will feel better soon and washhc finds all the strength they both need to get through this.
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My thoughts are with him and his family!!

Thanks for letting us know Washhc!!
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Prayers and good thoughts for your father and you and your family.
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Many of us have been thinking of grtgrandpa and sending prayers his way, as he has been missed.
Thank you so much for updating us. I'm continuing to send prayers for both you, your family, and for him. I hope he's out of the ICU soon.
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My thoughts and prayers for grtgrandpa and for the family. I also have a beloved father, his age, who has been hospitalized with a serious sudden condition in the last two weeks... it's been surreal.

Sending my hope for the best possible outcome
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Prayer's up for GrtGrandpa ! Also pray he will be back with us soon !

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Thanks so much for letting us know washhc

He's a much loved member of the SR family - prayers for GG and of course for you and all his real life family too

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Sorry to hear. Sending prayers.
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Community Greeter
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Sending up prayers - and sending love to GrtGrandpa & his family.
His presence is missed and we look forward to seeing him return. Thank you Wash.
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Dear Daughter,

Please extend my best wishes for a full and speedy recovery to your father. He is a kind and respected part of this community.
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