Request For Prayers

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Good morning and I hope today will be a good one for you Grtgrandpa. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Be well.
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Thinking of you grtgrandpa! Sending love and prayers your way!
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Still in my prayers as well! Wishing you and yours the best in your recovery.
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Do your best
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Sending love prayers & strenght GG
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Thinking of you my beautiful friend.
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Praying for your recovery!
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Do your best
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Sending prayers & love GG
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Prayers and hugs
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Hope you are resting comfortably and feeling better today.

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You're on our minds GrtGrandpa - sending love & hugs.
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Hope to see you back here soon.

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I hope you are able to see this thread soon, GrtGrandpa! It will surely cheer you up to see how much all of us love you!
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