Accepting you have alcohol dependency

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Accepting you have alcohol dependency

Hi all I hope every one stays strong for the weekend ahead it is a lovely sunny afternoon here on Friday and I wanted to share something I just read - it is so me! I hope it inspires you or at least maybe stops us from relapsing.

"The stubbornness of addiction is shocking - how did I not recognise in the first instance that I would never be able to stop after just one or two glasses is something I find remarkable today when I consider the old drinking version of me. I was consistently without an off switch and therefore it should have been apparent that each and every time I took a sip from the initial drink, I would no longer be able to exercise any control whatsoever."

Keep away from that one drink and be strong!! Day 3 and I want to drink but I promised myself I would not. I have done this before and I can do it again, but this time I understand that I really can't have even one drink or I will not only be back to where I started but actually worse.
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Couldn't agree with your quote more. I'm on day 43 now and the thoughts "I don't have to take that first drink no matter what and as long as I don't take that first drink I won't have to take that second or third or tenth drink" is a near-constant in my head. Taking that first drink off the table as a viable option in any situation has been a very liberating feeling.
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Good post and so true! I am on day 5
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Day 3 is fantastic!! Keep it going Lucyloo!!
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Almost 700 years sober
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Congrats LucyLoo
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Completely agree! I would also have those moments of genius "well, I should just finish this 12 pack, there are only 3/4/5 left and that way I will not drink anything tomorrow", until tomorrow came, and I would just buy another case!
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Congratulations, lucyloo!
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