You have the Power Sober Weekender Thread June 11....

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Well, Tom Waits is still going strong. Quit drinking in the 80s. I do love Tom Waits.
Tom Waits: 10 of the best

Tom Waits: 10 of the best | Music | The Guardian

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Welcome Lizella and Marcher 13

I don't think anyone would recognise my babies ArtFriend - they are in their mid twenties now

Always thought that a great variety act would be juggling live babies but those health and safety spoilsports are bound to have some absurd objection. It's political correctness gone mad!
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In for the weekend!
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I'm in! :-) Life is so much better sober!
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A simple guy making his way
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Central air on... ahhhh... brushed the kitties... ahhh... NO ice cream.. BAAAAAAA... settle for carrots and seltzer! :|
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I'm in for another sober weekend. This will be weekend number six for me. Each one has been a little better than the last.

Thanks to each and every one of you for playing a huge part in my recovery!
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Keep them going, Casey - each one after this will get better too. Glad to see you on board every weekend and contribute to the board!

Wrapping up vacation, and I was talking to a friend of mine who lives down here. He's originally from The States, but has given up the traditional office life and the rat race. He now has a humble job, working as the chef at a little cafe down here on the Caribbean in a small fishing village, running his own little one-man kitchen at a place that's only open from 7am-noon. He lives a very basic no-frills life down here, but he's happy. He told me today "Five years ago I only could hope to have the life I have now."

It got me thinking about "downsizing life" in sobriety. For many of us, it helps to start re-thinking what happiness means. Is happiness a bigger TV, a bigger car, a bigger paycheck and a more demanding job? Or....would you be happier replacing that TV with a bookshelf, trading the car for a bicycle, and working fewer hours for less pay? The chef down here at this little cafe by the sea knows the answer. Do you? Something to chew on for anyone looking to lighten the emotional load as you begin building your new life without alcohol and drugs.

Last photo from down Costa Rica way, a long day at airports tomorrow before getting back to the highland mountains of Guatemala. Ciao for now everyone.

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Marchia in Aeternum
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Originally Posted by Weasel1966 View Post
Central air on... ahhhh... brushed the kitties... ahhh... NO ice cream.. BAAAAAAA... settle for carrots and seltzer! :|
That's just so, so....sad.

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Can I join for the weekend? Thanks for the invite trachemys
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Welcome Chanty! The sober bus is like the Tardis, bigger on the inside!

Happy Friday Marcher! We will be joining you soon enough!!

Big fan of Hitchhikers. I am one of the ones who always says 'the answer is 42' when someone says 'Can I ask you a question?'.
I have not, however, mastered 'that's what she said' as an answer, although I have been told it can be said to anything.

The weatherman says cooler for the weekend and I will be so grateful if he is correct. I am so weary of summer and it is only June. I am in the Ruby camp of summer dislike.

My plans for the weekend include taking the cats to the vet for their annual checkup, doing some cooking and baking, hopefully some painting and then my nephews graduation party on Sunday.

Good song Ruby! I saw them with Devo a few years back, it was a fantastic show!!

Today was a good day. I finally got past level 339 on Candy Crush.
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Sober Soldier
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AV is really hounding me tonight for some reason.

Let's say we tie him down and run him over!
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I'm in too!!
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One Day At A Time
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Originally Posted by chanty View Post
Can I join for the weekend? Thanks for the invite trachemys
For this and all weekends, chanty. Welcome. These are fun folks.
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Marchia in Aeternum
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Originally Posted by Dharma33 View Post
I hope not, Dharma!
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I haven't had time to catch up yet... 5 pages already, jeez! You guys are going strong already

Good news... I have a chance to redeem myself on one of my work projects, the one I thought I lost yesterday. My moping around yesterday was for naught
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I have 4 days now..WOO HOO!
Joining you all in a sober weekend...
Like a few others here, I'm not much of a summer person either. Too darn hot and humid here (Georgia). Thank goodness for AC....would be miserable without it!
Really enjoying reading all of y'all's comments.. Helps me feel part of a group and not alone in this battle.
Wishing you all a great Friday! ��
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Pmns1...I'll help run that AV over.
bigs...I love your photos. I would love to see that part of the world. Thank you.
Watching a great show about kangaroos on pbs.
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HaF, my mind's in the gutter. I thought that said "kangaroos in PUBS, and not pbs. It could have been

Watching the last part of Lord of the Rings. Then bed time. Friday. Almost here.
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