You have the Power Sober Weekender Thread June 11....

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Marchia in Aeternum
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^5 100 times
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A simple guy making his way
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Can a mod please roll this thread!

I Sent a note to Anna
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Congrats on 5x10 (+2)!
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Brain, at least your ants are outside. Mine are inside and yuck. Kids scattering food crumbs everywhere.

Saoutchik, hang in there. I'll Google gado gado. Nowhere near me sells tamarind paste. Which is kind of irritating and understandable. I've seen it listed on some Thai recipes I'd like to try.
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Saoutchik, yum. Just something I'd like to eat. Just looked at Jamie Oliver's recipe.
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I've just eaten it - superb. Pretty healthy too but still filling ( mind you I had some cherry pie as well)

Shame you can't get Tamarind paste Ruby - have you tried Googling it? I got mine from a regular chain supermarket.

Ants usually mean good soil don't they? Good something or other anyway (as you've probably guessed i'm no gardener)
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I hate ants! Little pests!
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Ants are fine, Saoutchik IF they are outside. Mine are crawling all over the floors in the house. I hate them. And they can be destructive. I found them nesting behind a tile in the bathroom, chewing out the mortar. They also created a nest, burrowing in the wooden framing on a window in my son's room. Since that was only discovered when the window was replaced anyway, not much harm there but a wake up call.

I could travel for tamarind paste. I could also check one of the Mexican grocery stores near me. There is tamarindo in a lot of Mexican recipes. My usual grocery store only has the very, very basics in ethnic cooking.

Gilmer, I hate ants too.
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I also hate ants.

join us here for pt 2

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