Request for good thoughts and prayers

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Request for good thoughts and prayers

Hi Friends.

Now is my time for this. Just got off the phone literally 2 mins ago with a hospital in Europe, that my father suffered a stroke today and is in a critical condition.

This is totally unreal for me... 10 mins ago I was thinking about how to wrap up my current work stint here in Singapore. After an interesting promise from my ex-gf a couple days ago that she would visit me here this weekend before I fly back to the US, and then canceling it referring to the recent earthquake in Malaysia. Then a student who promised to work in one of our projects this summer, canceling it. I did not have a min of sleep last night and it's early morning here. And then the phone call from Europe...

I've never asked for sympathy like this before here, but I would like to now... Am trying to arrange changing my flights so that I can stop again in Europe and see my father. Hopefully.

Thanks for listening.
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Prayers going up for you dear Haennie - and for your father. May God stand next to you as you face this. Please let us know what happens.
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pray for strength
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Dear Haennie, many good thoughts and prayers for you and your father. Remember to keep breathing.
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All my prayers go out to your Dad and you Haennie
I hope you can feel the SR love here from all your friends.

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I'm very sorry about your father's condition, haennie. You're in my thoughts and prayers.
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Oh, Haennie. Big hugs to you.

You are a wise, compassionate friend here. I join others in sending you and your father kind thoughts and prayers.

You're a good daughter, my friend.
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I send out my prayers to you and your father.
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Praying for you and your father. Have a safe trip. You already know you've got a great support system here at SR if you need it.
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Haennie, prayin for your dad.
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Thanks so much, my dear friends

Dee, I do feel the SR love... more deeply than I ever could in early sobriety last year. Does that mean something?

This happened suddenly, but I should say it happened at the easiest time possible for me regarding the past few weeks. Even though emotionally... the last week or so for me was though, as though I sensed something very bad was going to happen... Anxiety all day and night, insomnia, etc... I never believed in omens or premonitions, but I did feel very weird during the last week, often in ways I did not know what to do with it.

So fortunately I'm good to go work-wise. And just booked a flight that will take off in ~3 hours. Only one transfer, and I should land in my home city very early tomorrow morning. I called the hospital and they let me see my dad in the morning tomorrow. I really hope there won't be any problems with the flights, but given that I am flying from Singapore to a big city in Europe, there should be options regardless.

My dear friends... so good to have the practical stuff arranged for the coming day. I'm supposed to be exhausted, but I am not. Will continue to pack, take a shower, and then head to the airport.

Thanks so very much again for all the immediate loving support... I did not tell all this anyone else yet in my private circuit. I think there is a reason why I told you guys first
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haennie - Sending prayers, hugs and love to you and your dad. We can't all be there, physicially, but we are all definitely with you in spirit.

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Sending you prayers and good vibs. All the best. John
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Prayers your way and your father as well.
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Prayers for you and your dad, haennie. We will be with you.
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My thoughts to you and yours for a safe trip and the best possible outcome.
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You and your family have my prayers.
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Prayer's up for you and your Father.

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My prayers are with you haennie. God bless. SR family will always be there for you.
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Prayers and thoughts for you and your father. I know how excruciating those flight can be when something urgent lays at the other end. All the best.
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Haennie, I am very sorry you're going through this. My thoughts and prayers are withy you and your father and that he will recover well from the stroke.
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