Hello all

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Hello all

My name is Josh. I am a drug addict and alcoholic. I started using drugs when I was 14, and now I'm 24 (almost 25). I got a DWI when I was 22. Spent two years on probation. While alcohol has certainly cause the most problems in my life, it's not my only substance. I have been a pothead, acidhead, cokehead, etc. I have tried meth and heroin. I have come so close to throwing my entire life away.

I want to stop behaving the way I do. When I was on probation for my DWI, I learned a lot about recovery and about myself. I was sober for a good 6+ months (even though my probation was 2 years, after getting it extended due to relapse). Some of my major problems: nitrous, weed, booze, MDMA, psychedelics. I love them but I hate them.

Hoping to find some community here. Better than the "druggie" forums where I get crap for speaking about recovery or morals. Love you all.

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Welcome Josh.I too had a pretty good resume in the variety dept in my 20's. Thankfully I grew out of the illegal stuff but the drinking ended up being the demon I couldn't shake. Looking back it was an all or none proposition but unfortunately it took way too many years to figure it out.

You'll find a lot of support here. I sure did. Instrumental in getting past the really hard days of complete abstinence.
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Welcome to SR Josh!

There is plenty of support here. Enjoy!
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Welcome Josh! You'll find lots of support here.
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your lucky to be here at a young age. lots of folks dont get that chance. I look at some of the younger folks in aa and htink even if they fall down and go back at it they at least have had the opportunity to be there and be in that recovery setting and realize its available to them whenever they feel they are ready. I did not have that. I know others who never got it.

I know one guy friend of mines brother. he recently passed away from a horrible battle with lung cancer leaving behind a child in foster care and an x wife in prison after he lived a life of coke dope and booze and good times. he basicly screwed off till it killed him.

I know another fellow in his early 60's taught me how to drive super nice guy but never figured it out. never straightened up ended up homeless in and out of jail I have not heard from him in years last I heard he was still living on the streets. and it saddens me so much if i still lived near him I'd hunt him down and reach out to him but my hands are tied.

The point is you cant be all you can be with this stuff in your life. Glad to have you here.
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Welcome to SR
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Welcome, Josh!

You will find lots of support here. There is a great recovery community.
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Welcome to SR Josh..
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Welcome to SR Josh!
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Yes I understand the love hate of it. In the end it will kill you after it takes everything and body away from you first. Glad you found us
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Welcome aboard Josh

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Hi Josh and welcome! You'll find a load of support here. Always someone available to help out.

Post often and read around. It helps.
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Welcome Josh!
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Welcome to the Forum Josh!!
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