Stay Sober This Weekend June 4th Until.....

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Ken I hope you are feeling better now. You have done fantastically well to get sober and drug free don't forget that

Ruby sorry to hear you're not getting much help. I don't think anyone with young children ever won a tidy house competition so don't feel too down.

I can vouch for LB's observation about Russian stores - I went Interailing in the early 1980's and spent a week in Moscow and Leningrad (as it was then). We needed coupons for stuff and there were seperate(long) queues for paying and collecting. It's no wonder they drink so much vodka.

I have done my packing. Fairly early start tomorrow.
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I hope ye all are having a pleasant Sunday so far.

Hope you are feeling better K.

Sorry to hear about the inequality in the home situation Ruby. Gripe here when ye need!

Got a few more bits organised this afternoon, then collapsed into a deep nap. I am going to try and make jogging part of my morning routine - it really helps.

Going to make a later Sunday supper now and relax with a movie.

No more Sunday fear, self disabling thoughts, dread of the week ahead. This is sober living folks.

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I can't keep up with you verbose folks on here.
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Hi, MisterChill!

I used to work closely with a guy who loved radio control airplanes. He'd fly every weekend! He loved to build them, but, like you, he spent 99% of the time repairing!

A bunch of us at work got into radio control cars. I know the gas cars were much faster, but we liked the electric ones better. I built a couple of them, and my husband raced them with his brother. I was irked when he ran my pride and joy into a storm drain and sheared the roof off! :
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Originally Posted by Behan View Post
No more Sunday fear, self disabling thoughts, dread of the week ahead. This is sober living folks.

Music to my sober ears!!!!! JOY!
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A simple guy making his way
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I will be fine... Getting ready to cook the chickens.

When I say how I feel I can dissolve it with the very statement. ... this took a bit but I am on track. Have a ton tomorrow at work.

*Ring Ring*
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Good sober weekend. Going out to dinner later for my Mom's bday. I was at the Belmont Stakes yesterday, quite an event to attend. Sadly being there is a little marred by the number of annoying drunks wandering around and acting foolish, but it's just another good reminder of why I don't do that anymore. The races themselves were exhilarating. I know that nobody there who got drunk and acted foolish woke up this morning happy that they drank excessively the day before. It's nice to not have those concerns these days. I've gotten so used at this point to being around other people drinking (usually "socially" though), it does not tend to trigger me at all. End of the day though, I try to keep events where others are drinking excessively to a minimum just because those people are boring and annoying to be around, and I'll generally have more fun at places where that is not the scene

Hope everyone else had a great sober weekend, this is such a better way of life
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Wonderful news.....
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No more Sunday it, Behan.
Y'all, We had lunch today at one of my favorite Mexican spots and the margaritas are awesome. First time I've been there without drinking and I did feel tempted but ordered a diet coke and ate some extra guacamole! Lots of firsts still out there for most of us I guess. Sometimes it's easy and sometimes it's just plain hard, but I don't want to be afraid to go where I want for fear of drinking. This takes practice.
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Well, I am learning to use my 'phone' to type.
I said sil before but I meant step son. Guy is blasting tunes doing school work. My son the doctor.

So now I'm just chillin waiting to get the bedroom back.
speaking of rc airplanes. I was ar sochi air show last week, camera ready for that mid air collison but I was at the wrong show.
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Learning to use phone. The key board takes up 60% of screen.
at airshow the only ground thing was a couple guys with rc planes. About three footers doing hammer head stalls and some fancy rc flying.
Air show was top notch flying. Saw a pair of jets do that top gun thing canopy to canopy flying past at a couple hundrednfeet.
world champ acrobatic flyers too.
F1 race in october. Pics later
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Can't wait to see the pics Brain! mom used to say that's why she had so many she'd never have to do housework again! It's one of the few things I never heard my parents fight about!
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That bell or bike person
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Evening gang ,
Another sober birthday what my fourth one ! errk !
so that means i'm only three months away from four years , wow i never thought that i'd see that on the horizon .

I carried on packing the van , mex-m8 came and did BBQ helped me a bit with packing ..
not far from complete now, just a few expensive items in the house as i'd rather not have them sat in a van overnight .

So quite an unusual birthday ,, one to remember , and sober .. when i think of 22 thro 37 i don't really remember a single one just snippets and a blur .

I got 4 cards (thanks K ) , a glass teapot with tea light warmer , a cup , and a frying pan

One of my best birthdays in a long time .

Thanks to all of you too .

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Originally Posted by Weasel1966 View Post
That sounds like a winning formula. Self awareness is a key ingredient. Glad you joined us Consider jumping on this bus every week. It can be a life saver for me. Ken
Yes I have always had a natural tendency to be self-aware but mindfulness has brought it to a whole new level.

Glad to be here and I will definitely make it a point to jump on board every week!
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Sounds lovely mecanix!
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Thanks, Weas...

A Music Shout Out to Behan for the Tune up-Thread. One from Link Wray. Linked. From Wray.-) An Oldie known in Japan as 'Lumble'.

Glad to read that Miz Brain is Ticked-off. We'd get dem Wee Bastids up at our Mountain House. One I plucked off our prior Pooch had gotten massive. Like, Thumbtack massive. I kinda recall that I 'suffocated' it with Vaseline, and then gingerly pulled it away using some Jaybo Hemostats we had around from our Stoner Daze. I hold 'em with the 'Stats, and fire up a good ole Wooden Match to incinerate them. They're unbelievably robust. Ya can't squash 'em.

Some ongoing Bedroom Wall Painting. This Joint is about the cleanest - and most sparse - it's been since we moved in circa '87. Nothing like Moving to make ya spiff up and repair a House. I paid it off in ~12 years, so it's satisfying to see this fraction of my Net Worth payoff here in a month or so via Cash at House Closing.

Dinner out tonight with my College pal. Friends since '71, and Freshman year in El Lay. Da Wife is very cooperative with my Plan that we skip going over there earlier tonight so that I don't have to sit and watch 2 Folks drink Wine. It's OK, but not Cheap Thrills for me anymore. Dinner out is okey-dokey; mainly because I know it's for a finite time. That changes my Head Space immensely, and makes things pleasurable again. Also, it stakes out my emerging Turf and Boundaries ~17 months in with my-now-pretty-much Normie Wife.

For Tetra's consumption re: her pending Trip, I cite a good Pal's Motto. We'd rent Scooters and zoom around Taiwan dodging Water Buffalo, or drive through insane Traffic there just to get way South to a Resort Town for the Weekend. Dude would do anything. Because, as he said:

'I can sleep when I'm dead'
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That does sound lovely, Mec.

Behan, good perspective on Sundays. I hated Sundays for the longest time. They're getting better.

Kids sorted laundry. I'm resting after grocery shopping.
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Happy to report the 'Potamus household is back in business... we're back online, connected to the 'Net. Yippie! Massive outage in our neighborhood due to some crazy non-weather related power outage that must've fried some cables somewhere.

Caused me quite the scare this weekend. Was facing the decision of working from a friend's house in less than ideal circumstances, as my work requires total quiet for maximum concentration. I got some work done there yesterday, but it wasn't very efficient due to the blaring TV, ugh.

Tackling some chores today... weeding, more planting, moving plants around, watering plants, laundry, picking up new fishing kayak at store, and a little reading in my down time. Sad when Sunday turns into a massive catch-up, work day.

Ready for a cup of tea
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Do your best
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Hope everyone has had a nice weekend

Thanks Weasel
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Happy Birthday Mecanix!

Lounging on the deck this afternoon. You all are really making me jealous for a beach vacation. I would be happy with Florida, but my husband has his sights on Bermuda. Neither of us has ever been there.
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