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new to SR

Looking for help and advice to cope with alcoholic husband. I moved out 3 weeks ago because I felt like I was loosing my mind. I needed to get away from yet another bad weekend run amuck. We set a goal of 6 therapy visits and I would come home. He goes for 2nd session tomorrow. It is all great progress, but I feel another shoe will drop and it will be sooner than later. Maybe after I return. I'm in the waiting mode. If he complete 6, the we will do some sessions together. I appreciate any advice. Thanks, Askew
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Welcome to SR, Askew. Very sorry to hear about what you are going through. I will leave the advice for those with experience with this type of challenge. SR is a very supportive community with a lot of resources.
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Welcome to SR, askew. It's good to have you with us. You might want to drop by the Friends and Family section- you will probably get better advice there.

I wish you well. I think you're doing the right thing. You can't force him to change and you can't let him drag you down with him.
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Welcome to SR, askew; I am sorry for what brings you here but glad that you found us.
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Hi and welcome.
I’m sorry for the situation you’re in because of alcohol. As suggested above Friends and Family Forum on this site has much help from understanding.

Al Anon meetings in your area have great face to face meetings that discuss recovery from the pains inflicted by alcoholic family members. With either of these you may not like all you hear, try to remember some of the members have been helping for many years and it works if we work it.

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Welcome to the family. AlAnon would be a great source of support for you. As well as the friends and family forums here.
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Welcome askew

I have no advice but I wish you all the best
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Welcome Askew. Does part of your therapy involve your husband quitting drinking? Therapy is great but if he's not quitting it may not be as effective as it might otherwise be.

It's good to meet you. Check out the family and friends forum, there's some great support there. That's where I started on here.
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Welcome Askew
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Hi Askew,

I'm sorry for your situation. Welcome!
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Welcome to the Forum Askew!!
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Hi and welcome askew

I don't blame you for feeling uneasy but I think you'll have to stick to your guns and wait until the 6 sessions are up and see where you both are then?

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