Anxiety through the roof

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Anxiety through the roof

I've always suffered from anxiety sand panic attacks but I'm on day 6 and it's through the roof x please tell me it gets better x x 😓😓
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I had quite a bit of anxiety the first week. It got much better for me the longer I was sober.

Of course, if you have concerns please don't hesitate to call a Doctor for help.
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Hopefully it will get better suzzi - is it anything in particular that you are anxious about
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Withdrawal anxiety is horrible. The good news is, it does get better the longer you're sober.
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I know that anxiety. Day 6 you are still going to be a little raw emotionally. My anxiety always faded away after a week off the booze. Deep breaths. Tomorrow will be better.
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It absolutely gets better. I kept getting progressively less anxious every month, until now at 15 months I almost never get anxious.

The other day I was run off the road in my little Subaru by a huge truck who just didn't see me. In the past that would have skyrocketed my anxiety - but I just reacted and avoided an accident by ending up on the sidewalk and then the fear response passed within a minute or two. The best part about sobriety is lack of anxiety - and no more panic attacks.

I get over things really quickly now that I would have ruminated and worried and obsessed about for days and weeks when I was drinking.
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Anxiety is a quite common result of detoxing. Know for sure that you can get through this and the anxiety will ease up as your recovery continues.
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Hang in there!! It will get better!!
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Yes, it will get better. Withdrawals are the pits. You'll get through this!
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Hey Suzzi, I am also on day six! Well done getting this far

My anxiety for the first few days was pretty epic (even with valium from the docs) but today I have had my last valium tablet this morning (was on 30mg while on day 1 and tapered down by 5mg each day to stop any alcohol withdrawals) and its been almost none existent today.

Really well done for getting to day six without meds.
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This too shall pass.
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Suzzi, like the others have said, it does get better... Much better. The anxiety will lessen with time and you won't feel like you are so constrained.

The outcome is so worth the effort you are putting into this today.

Congrats on day 6 and keep up the good work. I promise you won't regret your decision.
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It definitely will get better Suzzi - lean on us when you need to

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