New to this, my boyfriend is addicted to heroin

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Unhappy New to this, my boyfriend is addicted to heroin

I am new to this and terrified! I wrote my story in the family and friends forum but I really need some help! He is withdraweling as I am writing this, its been about 24 hrs and to witness this is just nightmare! I feel helpless! He sees a suboxone doc at 2 today which is only a couple more hours but hes about to cave ..... And is becoming angry and really really sick! I need some help and some hope pls!!!
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Welcome to the Forum Erica!!

You'll find loads of support and advice here on SR!! Great to have you onboard!!
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Welcome to the forum. Sadly, there isn't much you can do if your boyfriend decides to cave. That isn't much comfort to you now, I know. Can the doctor see him any earlier than 2?

If he caves, it's not your fault. Hugs.
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I hope you can find the support you need. His addiction is his responsibility, and there's little you can do other than show support for his efforts to stay clean. I hope he doesn't cave in.
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No we are getting ready to leave ... He keeps punching the wall and his phone keeps ringing and i know its his dealer!! I tried to get the number and have this guy arrested ... I sound crazay but he has suboxone but then sells its for this! I dont understand why and when they call every 5 min how does he not say no!! I hate this .... Once he has the suboxone back in his system will he still want heroin??? I cant babysit him his mom and i have been taking turns but i have no relief this will get better!? Will it?
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Thank u everyone ! Being here and listening to all of u definitely is helping��
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This is not medical advice but heroin withdrawal while miserable is rarely dangerous health wise. See what the doc says and take it from there. I wish you the very best as this must be stressful.
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His dealer calls because he knows it works. Even if that guy weren't calling, there are a hundred more to replace him. Delete his number? It's memorized. Change the phone number? That won't last long.

Does your boyfriend even want to quit? Before you tie yourself to him and babysit, ask yourself if he even wants to quit. You can't make him quit. You said he's selling his subs. He told you he doesn't want to drag you down. Doesn't sound like he's going to NA meetings or doing treatment. Doesn't sound to me that he doesn't want to stop.

Do you want to be his babysitter? He's a grown man. I thought I could babysit my husband too but he still managed to get high. Finally I just started living my own life.

I wish you well.
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Welcome to SR Erica
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