H.A.L.T (Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired)

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H.A.L.T (Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired)

Years ago I attended AA meetings and they learned me a little tip for when you are Craving..They said I have to keep the word HALT in my head at the moment I want to take another one and see for every single letter what you could do bout it. The H stands for Hungry, The A for angry, the L for Lonely and The T for Tired..I know that just like me a lot of people are all on a constant level and that the problem not always lies with them..I realised by time that at least some of the things you have in your own hands. I myself know that the way I woke up this morning has a lot to do with my boosing from last weeks..Just like my eating problems have a lot to do with the drinking and stress today I keep it simple (To say it in AA terms and will especially work at the food part..and try to eat good and Healthy..So I will have a better sleep tonight and a better day tomorrow..most of us know that boosing don't stimulate cleaning and I try to keep things in order to go on with my work as an artist and so on..but everytime I seem to get it in order..The boose ruins it all and you can start again..anyhow..Today I will keep it simple and try not to push myself to clean up all the things..Like I said one of my Goals is to read everyday and so I did last night for hours..Even when I stay all day in my garden reading and eating(and of course I will do some things in the house for me and my cats) I will still find it a productive day cos it is a way to work on my sobriety..Just wanted to share this
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Welcome and good luck CB, I know hungry is a big one for me, it makes me angry. I exercise a lot so when I get hungry, everything goes upside down, it's a biggie for me, Thanks for the tip!
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Cool Don't Forget the 'too'

Let's remember, that in AA, at least, HALT does not stand for watching out for, and/or not being, hungry, angry, lonely, and/or tired. There's nothing wrong with any of these, even for A's.

It does stand for watching out for, and not being 'too' hungry, 'too' angry, 'too' lonely, and/or 'too' tired. Things that are not good for anyone.

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I add another T for thirsty.
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