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I'm totally new here. 26 days sober and a little lost. Have a sponsor. Have a couple sober friends. I feel so wired all the time! I'm married to an alcoholic who is not in recovery.
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Welcome Jeni, you will find a lot of support here. Please feel free to have a look round and read the threads. Ruby should be along soon. She is in a similar situation to you vis a vis the spouse.
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Welcome Jeni. I think it's pretty normal to feel out of sorts for the first several weeks of being sober, I know it definitely was for me. Later on in my sobriety I found out that I had anxiety and OCD, most likely had it all along and just never noticed because of the alcohol. Give it some time and if it doesn't improve consider seeing a doctor or a counselor.

Another thing to keep an eye on is caffeine - I became much more sensitive to it after being sober, I have no idea why, but I cut way back on that and it was very helpful.
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Welcome Jeni2112. Congrats on 26 days! I can relate to the alcoholic spouse. At times it can be pretty rough to handle when you're sober... Best wishes to you
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Welcome Jeni. Glad you found us.
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Hi Jeni, I'm the Ruby ZaBoozer mentioned. Welcome to SR and congratulations on 26 days sober. That's great. It is really hard when your spouse is actively drinking when you are trying to get and stay sober. You can do it though. I've managed 18 months so far.

There are a bunch of us on here so there is safety in numbers. I use SR primarily with AA meetings and a couple of AA friends. Please reach out if there are particular questions. Sending vibes your way.
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Welcome, Jeni!

Congratulations on 26 days sober. Good for you!
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I think it's normal to feel a bit lost during early recovery, it is a huge life change. It sounds like your taking action and have a plan, which is a good sign
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That's "good" vibes. And I'm wondering what you mean by "wired"? I would use wired to describe how I feel a lot, trying to do everything myself around the house and taking care of the kids and staying sober. I have to remind myself to let go of some things and thoughts and to just breathe.
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Welcome to the Forum Jeni!!
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Welcome! I remember feeling jumpy and wired in the early days - and I didn't have the extra added stress of dealing with a drinking SO.

There are a lot of physical and emotional healings that happen in early days. Are you getting any regular exercise? I found even a brisk 30 minute walk was enough to take that edge off my day.

It gets better - stick with it
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