Support needed please!!!

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Support needed please!!!

Hey everyone, I am rolling into payday weekend... Ya know, that weekend that makes you feel rich and super entitled! I would love some loving support to help me stay grounded and focused on the goal at hand! Thanks!!!
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Soberpotamus (05-29-2015)
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Pay day is a good thing, but maybe you can channel your thoughts to something like going out for a nice dinner, to a movie, buying a new dress, perfume, jewellry, or maybe buying a gift for someone you love.
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Garden Girl, I know what you mean -- payday, free time on the weekend, spare money in hand -- could be dangerous.

There must be a reason you quit in the first place, or maybe many reasons. There is also a reason you still have a job to draw a paycheck from.

You ARE entitled, to so many things: health, a good night's sleep, waking up clear-headed in the morning, the respect of other people, being able to save money or spend it on life-enhancing things instead of squandering it on life-damaging poison.

If you drink this weekend, I think you know what would happen in the following days and weeks ...

But you have the choice not to entertain those thoughts and not to go down that old and dangerous road. Been there, done that. You have already seen the view from there. You know there's a better road with better scenery.

So, best wishes for a healthy and enjoyable weekend!
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Debbie329 (05-29-2015)
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Hi GardenGirl - why don't you join us on the weekender thread. Its a bunch of us that have a harder time on the weekends compared to during the week. We keep each other company, tell funny stories, tell serious stories, people post pictures and music. It has worked for me in the past. Join us!
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Take that drinking money and use it for something other than drinking(or let it pile up for something bigger), and be happy to wake hangover free with time to enjoy your weekend.
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Yes, come over to the Weekender thread, Garden Girl

You can still treat yourself this weekend, just avoid the alcohol I'll sip some tea with you if you want (virtually)
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Garden Girl:
Is there something you enjoy doing that could substitute? maybe a movie or dinner? I know on my payday I love going to the bookstore--spend a lot of time browsing and love knowing that I have money to buy a new good read! Then, I grab a specialty coffee ($$) and read my new found treasure.
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Oh I agree w everyone's important to spoil yourself.....treat yourself like you would treat someone precious.
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Thanks everyone!!! I wasn't planning on drinking, just wanted extra support , just incase! I will sign up for the weekend thread. I have a book I started the other day called "cleanse and purify thyself", can't go wrong with a name like that,ey? Lol. So I have a shopping list that has psyliylum husk and bentonite clay to look forward to... In all seriousness, I do look forward to cleanses. I have been putting all of my drinking energy into tea and feel like I have lost like 5lbs already, so that is motivation to drink more tea with Soberpotomus Thank you all for being on here!
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The weekender thread is so much fun! You should definitely check it out if you haven't already.
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